4 Practical Reasons to Use Skins in CS:GO

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Not everyone understands the magnificent power of using CS:GO skins. Some gamers know about the identical damage of the standard AWP and the same rifle with the Dragon Lore skin, so they don’t bother with getting that extremely rare weapon finish. They even don’t care about getting other, more common and cheap skins – such gamers miss lots of excitement in the game.

Here is a list of reasons to use skins in CS:GO actively. Players of all levels are invited to check it – maybe the game contains some aspects you never thought about…

Reason 1. Skins allow you to demonstrate your personality

You almost always know nothing about real guys behind virtual characters of terrorists and counter-terrorists. Nicknames and avatars are totally insufficient for distinguishing those gamers as real personalities. Have you ever thought how teammates and opponents see you in the game? Who are you for them?

Skins give you a method to express yourself! AK-47 Neon Rider creates an entirely different spirit than the same rifle with the Fire Serpent. Which of them is better to you?

Often, the effect of skins on the game atmosphere is inexpressible with words. So, it’s better to just feel if you like a skin and then make your decision on this base. Gamers with skins suitable for them may play better, becoming more successful in the shooting virtuality.

Reason 2. Skins make opponents fear you

If you see a virtual character in CS:GO matchmaking with standard weapons, you don’t really expect them to be skilled and dangerous. The same is true from the opposite side – who will feel you as a decent opponent if you don’t even have a good skin to use in matches?

Making opponents fear you is not a meaningless entertainment! Nervous players tend to make mistakes, to panic unnecessarily. That gives quite an advantage for you in the game.

Reason 3. CS:GO becomes better with skins

Every slight change has an influence on the game process. Try and play this shooting game with no changes at all: on the same map, for the same team, day by day… Soon, the boredom will pop up in your feelings. Then, if you change the map, CS:GO will show its real power, its real excitement.

Activating skins for your weapon has the same effect. It’s like refreshing your in-game experience for new joy in new matches. Feel your mood and fight monotony with skins, whenever it appears.

Reason 4. It’s a part of the game – you better not miss it!

In those ancient times, when the Arms Update wasn’t yet released and CS:GO has no skins at all, it was absolutely normal to ignore weapon finishes, but now… If you play this game without skins, you are missing lots of its joy. Getting new skins, using them in different matches, appearing with various styles in front of other players – all the aspects of skins usage have become a part of the CS:GO game.

Modern Counter-Strike is not only about shooting matches. It’s about being a part of the gaming community and enjoying all the fun it can propose, including skins.

What do you think about these reasons guys? Do you agree with them?

The only obvious problem with skins – it’s almost impossible to get something you’ve chosen from the vast collection of weapon finishes. The system of random drop is utterly unpredictable. Still, there is a decision! It’s always possible to buy CSGO skins on such marketplaces as DMarket or inside of the Steam Community Market. Don’t be shy to spend real money on virtual items – they bring positive emotions, which are practical in our life to the max.

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