6 Things to Remember Before You Place Bets on CS:GO

Don't forget these!

So, you decided to take on the odds and make bets on the outcome of CS: GO matches. Good for you! But before you partake in this activity, allow us to give you some information about what you will need to get that extra edge on other gamblers.

Various sites, such as https://gg.bet/en/counter-strike, will allow you to place all kinds of bets on CS:GO matches and tournaments. Be it an online or offline event, you will be inspired to give this article a look as you may find something that will possibly lead to a winning bet.

The deciding factor in making a great team

What tips the balance in favor of a certain team falls down to chemistry. Team chemistry is perhaps the most important factor that sets the outcome of a match. It is, in some cases, more important than individual skill.

Think about it, who will win? A team consisting of 5 greatly skilled players or one made up of 5 friends with great communication and an instinct of figuring out where the fellow team-player is? Often, the latter wins.

CS:GO is a game played between two teams. Strong team-play is the deciding factor in the game’s outcome. This results from hours and hours of playing together and having proper communication.

Differences between CS:GO and other games

There are some unique aspects that make this game distinct from others. For example, let’s talk about the Map system. As you know, the game is played in a number of rounds and each round can have a different Map.

Each of these maps comes with specific structures and there will be teams that are masters of certain maps. This means that you must watch some past gameplay in order to know which team is better on a certain map.

You have to really invest time into this if you want to make money, not just rely on your instinct.

Underdogs and favorites

As is the case of games or sports played in teams, you will find underdogs and favorites. Everybody loves an underdog, right? Well, in the betting world, the underdog is a great risk.

But with every great risk comes a great possibility of getting a great reward. That’s what makes betting exciting and a popular activity worldwide.

Also, because of the game’s specifics, a team can be regarded as the underdog if you view the odds for its chance of winning the tournament. But that team can consist of 5 masters on certain maps, and that can make up for their apparent disadvantage.

Maps, maps, maps

Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of them already, but they really make the difference. At an esports event for CS:GO, each team is given veto rights when it comes to choosing the map.

However, it is only one veto in a best of three matches scenario and knowing a team’s weaker performance on certain maps can prove to be quite profitable.


You should get properly get accustomed to CS:GO and the teams that play it. Get to know how they perform on Maps and spot the underdogs and the favorites.

Please remember to gamble responsibly and only bet funds that you are willing to lose.

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