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Binds in CS:GO hub – Muting, grenades, text and buy binds

Binds in CS:GO are an important tool to utilize to save you that vital second in a clutch round that could turn the tide of the situation, round, or even the game. A quick hit of a key rather than scrolling the mouse wheel to a weapon, or having a different key for each grenade rather than sifting through all your nades can be huge difference makers. For this reason, mastery of binds and becoming used to them frees your hands up more to focus on tapping heads. Check below to find the link to the bind guide you need!

There are many kinds of binds which can be used for numerous situations. You probably use them without realising. You bind a key to your mic in game to talk, and to jump, or even to move. They allow you to make use of gaming mice with extra buttons, if you have one. Many will come with two buttons on the side, mouse 4 and 5, that are redundant without setting up binds. Everyone uses basic binds, but it’s through working through a list of complex binds that you’ll up your game.

How to bind grenades and use them faster

The most simple, yet also the type of bind with the most usefulness, is binding an action in game to a key. This way something that may have taken two or three key presses before now only requires one. A good example of this is nades. If you don’t have any grenade binds set up, to pull a smoke grenade out when you’ve got full nades will require you to press the 4 on your keyboard multiple times, whereas you could just set the smoke grenade to a key on your keyboard. What seems like a minor alteration saves you valuable seconds and will make the difference between being able to smoke that angle off in time and that AWPer being able to kill you while you’re searching for a smoke.

CS:GO mute binds: Muting all, voice chat, and enemy team

Muting in CS:GO is an invaluable tool in the pursuit of being able to focus in tense situations and in keeping your sanity. Most commonly, people will opt to have a single key they can use to toggle a mute bind on or off, depending on the situation. This way, if you need silence, like if you’re in a clutch, then that’s available to you. Or, for most other scenarios you are able to unmute everyone easily and hear callouts and tactical ideas. We’ve wrote a whole guide on mute binds that you’ll find very useful.

csgo binds how to

Weapon bind buy commands

Having binds set up for your weapons saves time at the beginning of rounds, reduces the risk of buying the wrong item by a misclick, and makes your life easier. Everything you need for a usual round: rifle, head armor, full nades, and maybe a kit at your disposal from the touch of a key. You can bind the weapon set and nades you most frequently use to a key that is redundant in CS:GO to avoid having to work through the buy interface for the millionth time. Check out our comprehensive guide, with examples, of buy binds for weapons and gear.

How to bind text chat to a key in CS:GO

With great power, comes great responsibility. This particular bind should be used with that saying in mind. Being able to bind text to say in all chat to a key certainly doesn’t mean you should speak only in vague, annoying catchphrases, or spam the bind. If you think this bind should be used in conjunction with the phrase ‘ez’ then read no further. That’s a quick way onto everyone’s mute list. But, there is something fun about being able to say something in text chat to all with just a single key. Whether it’s just a ‘gg’ to everyone before you leave the game or a witty text message you want to bind, we’ve got you covered on how to do this.

Image credits: Screenshots from Valve

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