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Binds in CS:GO – Bind to say messages in text chat

Ah, the wonderful world of competitive banter in CS:GO. The all chat can be either full of witty remarks and friendly competition, or a hive of petty insults, spam, and the deeply haunting remarks of “ez” by the other team’s bottom fragger. If you’re a lover of text chat, it’s possible knowing how to bind a key to say something would make your life easier, speeding up the process of saying those remarks to the other team, whether good or bad. With a bind to say messages, you can send a pre-set text message with the hit of a key, rather than having to type it out.

Bind to say something in team chat

You can bind text to both team chat and all chat. Of course, you want to set up any tactical phrases on your binds to team chat, such as, “They’re coming A”. The console command to set this up is simple and you can copy one that binds a message to F4 below. Replace F4 with what button you want to assign this bind to, and replace They’re coming A with whatever you want to say to your team.

It’s also handy to have a bind available if you ever need to say you’re going AFK. Simply set up a team chat bind connected to a key, and you can tell them even as you’re standing up from your chair. To bind, say, the F2 key, you’d put bind F2 “say_team I’m going AFK”. There really are a great deal of options you can do with binds for text chat, just remember to assign them to the correct chat!

Bind for saying text to all chat in CS:GO

Something not to be spammed if you don’t want to end up on everyone’s mute list are CS:GO chat binds that go in all chat for the enemy to see. There is little you can do here that is not toxic, but it can fun to bind, say, funny messages for whenever you kill someone on an eco. This would be put into console much the same as the previous bind, like this: bind F3 “say Juan Deag!”. Again, just replace F3 with your key of choice and change the text after the word “say” to what you’d like to put in all chat.

CS:GO chat binds can be a lot of fun, just make sure not to overuse them.

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Image credit: Screenshot from Valve

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