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Binds in CS:GO – Binds to buy weapons and gear faster

Though you’re used to searching through the buy interface to buy your weapons and grenades, binding a common setup of yours to one key can be extremely easy, simple, and save you lots of time. Whether the buy binds you set up nets you a simple rifle setup such as a gun, armor, and nades, or you choose to have quick avenues to weapons like the AWP, here’s how to save time with CS:GO buy binds.

CS:GO bind buy weapon command

For multiple buys or just one item like a weapon, all buy commands will begin with bind “key”. So, for example, if you wanted to bind a rifle buy so that a key would always buy either an AK or M4 and you wanted that key to be F4, it’d look like: bind “F4” “buy ak47; buy m4a1;”. You can, of course, buy multiple things with the same key. Just add a semicolon (;) between each item.

The most useful way I use buy weapon commands is by having a whole buy round, provided I have as much money as I need for a full buy, on one key. This way I can get head armor, a rifle, and full grenades in far less time than without a bind. You can copy the code into your console in the box below, and just replace F4 with what key you’d like to bind.

This complex command will give you – on CT or T side – full armor, full grenades, and a primary rifle with just one button. It’s super easy to set up and just needs to be copied into your console, but can save you valuable time and hugely reduce the chance of buys of yours being mixed up and mis-bought, and thus being forced to play the round on a Galil or, god forbid, a PP-Bizon.

Some other popular CS:GO weapon binds you may find useful are:

Kevlar and head armor:

Deagle and kevlar for half-buy rounds:

Be sure to check out more binds like how to bind a command to mute everyone on our binds hub.

Image credit: Screenshot from Valve

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