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Binds in CS:GO – How to mute all

There will come a time when you’re playing a practice server testing how to one tap, in a training map, or playing competitive and you will just have to mute all other players. Whether it was shouting, loud music, or an awful mic that pushed you over the edge and led you to find this article, we’ve got the fix for you. Here is a couple of easy CS:GO mute all commands so you can play in peace.

CS:GO mute all command

The easiest and quickest way to mute all players in CS:GO is with the console command below:

This will block your team, the enemy team, and absolutely anyone from being able to communicate to you over mic.

Knowing how to mute all voice comms is so handy when unwanted conversation is going on while you’re clutching. When you’re ready to hear voice chat once more, simply type the below command into your console to restore voice comms:

Silence is golden in CS:GO: How to mute all with a bind

The last thing you want to do in a clutch situation is stop focusing on the round to type in your console a command that mutes all voice chat. To save time while still allowing you to toggle between hearing voice chat and not, setting up a bind is imperative.

To bind the voice mute command to a key, simply use the command bindtoggle key voice_enable 0. Where the word key is, simply put what key of the keyboard you’d like to use to activate or deactivate the bind. I like J to toggle this mute command, so feel free to copy the text in the box below to enable the button J as your toggle for muting voices. You can change this keybind to whatever best suits you, though. If you’d rather use the F1 key in CS:GO to mute all, then just replace the letter J in that command with F1.

Now you hear them, now you don’t. Remember to toggle voice chat back on by hitting the bind key once more once you’ve finished enjoying that silence. Counter-Strike is a team game and if we all started abusing voice_enable then we’d be no worse than those infuriating teammates who queue matchmaking without a mic. What’s the deal with that, anyway?

Check out more binds such as binding weapon buys to a single key on our binds hub.

Setting up binds in Discord can also be a tricky task, check out Discord Help’s microphone keybind tutorial if you’d like to learn more about that.

Image credits: Screenshot from Valve

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