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Binds in CS:GO – Grenade Binds

Cycling through grenades to use one on CS:GO using the number 4 key is exhaustive and can make you pull out the wrong nade. CS:GO grenade binds are the best remedy for this. By binding the four grenades to four keys you can pull out any of them out to use with one press, rather than a possible four, using simple commands. What’s more, you’re not going to pull out a smoke by accident when your team needs you to use a flashbang if each nade has its own bind.

CS:GO Grenade Binds: Each nade to a different key

You can bind all, one, or any amount of nades you like, though in my experience a separate key for each grenade is optimal – it reduces mistakes. The basic console command to enable this is bind “key” “use weapon_grenade name”. Replace the word key with which part of the keyboard you’d like to bind the nade to, i.e “z”, and grenade name with which piece of utility you’d like to draw out. Below is a list of the console names for each nade – the name in bold is the console name for each nade.

  • HE Grenade – hegrenade
  • Flashbang – flashbang
  • Molotov – molotov
  • Incendiary – incgrenade
  • Smoke – smokegrenade

Now, seeing as molotov and incendiary’s have different identities in the developer console, binding one to a key won’t bind both. If you’d like to have the burning grenade for both CT and T sides bound to one key, copy the text from the box below into your console. The letter it’s bound to is V in the example but you can, of course, alter that.

I like to use the keys Z, X, C, and V to swiftly access my nades. Below you can find the commands to use all four nade types with those keys. Simply copy and paste into your console.

Adjust the nade binds as you see fit and enjoy the ease of having each grenade available to you just a key away.

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Image credit: Screenshot from Valve

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