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csgo change weapon side to left

CS:GO switch hands bind and commands

Knowing how to switch hands in CS:GO can be something that provides greater clarity to some players making them perform better, or simply is a customization preference they like to play with. Switching hands changes the side of the screen your gun is on, and is used by quite a few pro players and streamers. While having weapons on the right hand side is still the norm, more and more people are testing out in CS:GO how to switch hands to see if they play better with their weapon in their left hand.

In CS:GO, to change gun side from the default right hand view to the left hand, just copy the console command below into your game to change gun side to the left.

To switch gun side back to the right if that view model doesn’t suit you (it certainly doesn’t look right to me), simply change the 0 to a 1.

how to switch gun side csgo
Default view with the weapon on the right

CS:GO switch hands bind

You can set up a toggle bind allowing you to alter what side of the screen you hold your gun or knife on with just a single key press. This is, of course, the most efficient way to change what side your gun is, as it doesn’t require you to enter a command each time you want to switch. Simply paste the command below for into your console to set up the L key to toggle between the left or right-hand view. If you’d like to bind a different key to this, replace the L with your key of choice.

With this enabled you can easily move between the two views and decide what best works for you when in tense match situations.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve