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Change M4’s in CS:GO and other default weapons

While the weapon set in CS:GO is largely pre-determined and out of your hands, there a few weapons you can swap out and change, such as the M4A4 and the M4A1-S. These rifles can be interchanged at your will, along with other changeable weapons like the CZ75, Five-Seven, and Tec-9. Here is how to change these weapons from one to the other.

Rifle change in CS:GO: Switching between the M4’s

Probably the most common use of weapon switch outs is changing between the silenced and the unsilenced M4 rifle. This is something I go through probably every few months, as once I use either M4 too much I feel inclined to jump back over to the other side. To change your M4, you need to open the inventory tab at the top of the home screen on CS. From there, find your way to the loadout section pictured below. There is a sub-menu here with all the different weapon categories like pistols, rifles, and more.

csgo change to m4a1 or m4a4

To change M4’s specifically, go on the rifle menu and then click on your current M4 in the large box. A row of M4’s will then appear and you’ll be able to click on your desired one and select to change it for your previous rifle of choice.

m4 change csgo

You can follow this same principle to swap your Five-Seven slot weapon by going to the pistols menu. You can also change the default Counter-Terrorist pistol between the USP and the P2000.

In some game modes you can even access your inventory while playing and change rifles and such that way. To do this just press Escape ❲default❳ and select the Inventory option. You’ll then be able to swap your weapons that way.

change m4 in csgo in game

To change what loadout you’re changing between the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, click the logo in the middle of the screen to toggle between sides.

change switch weapons in csgo

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve