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How to clear decals CS:GO with binds or commands

Some people in CS:GO wish to be able to clear decals, freeing up the map and their screen from clutter, like blood on walls or bullet holes. CS:GO decals are the remnants of past fights, and can distract your aim from an enemy’s head or just make your map look ugly, so using a clear decals command with a bind can be something very helpful to some players. Here is the console command for how to clear blood and bullet holes, and also a way to bind it.

CS:GO clear decals bind commands for commonly-used keys

This command is what will wipe the map, leaving no decals visible to you, therefore making some areas of the map easier to spot enemies in. The issue with it is, of course, that it is not viable in a match-up to open up your console and manually type this command whenever you wish to delete decals. That will get you killed.

What you can do instead to ensure you always have a command to clear blood stains and bullet holes is to set up a CS:GO clear decals bind. It is best to connect the command to a key or action you use a lot. The most common ones used are mouse button one and the movement keys, W, A, S, and D.

If you’d like to bind the command to mouse one, copy the command below into your CS console.

Alternatively, if you want to a r_cleardecals bind for whenever you move, the command below will bind r_cleardecals with each movement key:

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For more handy binds like our bind to clear decals, be sure to check out our binds hub to find the link to the bind article you need.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve

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