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csgo map change command

CS:GO change map command

When you’re in an offline CS:GO private server with your buddies it’s a lot of hassle to have to leave the game and restart the lobby just to change map. The easiest way to map switch in CS:GO is a change map command, which will allow you to swiftly go from one map and load into a different one while in game with just a short console command.

CS:GO change map command

It’s super easy to switch maps from, say, Mirage to Dust2 in CS:GO with the console command below. Open up your console and paste the command into it. Just replace the de_cache with whatever map you need to load into.

If you aren’t sure of the correct way to word the map you want to change maps in the console, we’ve compiled all of the map names below so that you can easily move to the next map you want.

  • Mirage – de_mirage
  • Dust2 – de_dust2
  • Cobblestone – de_cbble
  • Cache – de_cache
  • Train – de_train
  • Overpass – de_overpass
  • Inferno – de_inferno
  • Nuke – de_nuke
  • Canals – de_canals
  • Office – cs_office
  • Austria – de_austria
  • Vertigo – de_vertigo
  • Dust – de_dust

Just copy the map name in bold that you want to play on and copy it into your console after the word map to be able to use CS:GO change map commands.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve