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How to hear yourself in CSGO with commands

CS:GO hear yourself command

Bizarrely, you’ll sometimes be asked in CS:GO to use a console command that lets you hear yourself in game. This could be for multiple reasons, most common of which being that someone wants you to see that your mic does indeed have that crackling sound which you’re denying. You might want to hear voice playback in CS:GO to decide how close you should be to your mic to provide the best audio to your teammates. Or, maybe, you love yourself and want to listen to your own voice. All of these are fair issues which this guide will cover!

The CS:GO console command to hear yourself

As with most issues in CS:GO, the issue of how to hear your voice playback is one that is dealt with by console commands. Firstly, you’ll want to open up that console of yours. Next, just copy the command in the box below into your console to enable voice playback in game.

Woah! I hear myself! It’s strange at first to hear everything you’re saying a half second later, but this command will do the job. Once you’ve had enough of being in a permanent echo chamber, you’ll be wanting to turn this console command off. To do so, just copy the command below into your console to toggle the command back the way it was.

Now you’re back to normality and should no longer be able to hear yourself, you can go about your CS:GO business in peace. We hope this guide helped you with your peculiar query.

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Image credits: Valve