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CS:GO radar optimization

The CS:GO radar is a tool that is critical to success in such a team oriented video game as Counter-Strike, as it allows you to see where everyone is positioned on the map. The ability to view the map fully and see where your teammates are is going to massively bolster your side’s chances of victory. Many people leave their radar at the default setting, but this leaves them blind to many corners of the map. Here’s how to get the most out of your radar, by zooming out and having it in the optimal position to enhance your play.

As well as optomizing your radar, you might find customzing your net_graph useful.

You’ll see a load of radar customization available to you on CS:GO forums, with silly changes that have nothing to see with actually coordinating positions, which is of course what the radar’s use is. There are only a few console commands I’d recommend using to optimize your radar, along with increasing the size of it a little if it strains your eyes. Other commands are out there, but serve only as inane customization.

How to zoom out and make the CS:GO radar smaller to show the whole map

The most lacking feature of the default radar, in my eyes, is how it will only ever show one area of the map, and sometimes not even the whole site or position you’re playing at. To fix this, I’d fully recommend zooming out your radar so it encompasses the entire map. This way, when setting up strats with your team, your radar can be used to monitor lurkers on the other side of the map and to ascertain how much map control you have.

cl_radar_scale is your best friend to do this. It will enlarge or shrink the size of the map inside the radar HUD. My preference for this setting is the command cl_radar_scale 0.3. I find this adequately displays the whole map, without being too zoomed out that I can’t see where my dot or teammates are situated. If you’d like to zoom in very heavily into where your player model is, the command cl_radar_scale 1 will do that for you (though why you’d desire this I am completely clueless, but to each their own). Play around with the values until you find a size that suits you.

CS:GO radar
The radar zoomed out to a 0.3 value.

How to keep your radar still and stop it rotating

A command I am thankful for to this day is what stops your radar from rotating as you move, disorientating you. This one cannot be customized like your radar’s scale. To disable your radar rotating type cl_radar_rotate 0 into your developer’s console. By replacing the value 0 with 1 you with re-enable the rotation.

Size of your radar: How to make radar bigger or smaller

You have two options if you’d like to make radar bigger. If it’s just the radar you seek to enlarge then cl_hud_radar_scale will need to increased in your console. The default value is 1, so upping this to 1.25, for example, will cause your radar to occupy a greater portion of your screen. I’m content with the default size of the radar, but also see the benefits of a larger one.

If it’s the whole HUD you’d like to increase in size, then that is also possible. Hud_scaling 1.15 will act to sufficiently expand your radar, but do keep in mind that also your health and armor, and all other areas of your HUD will be enlarged also.

And, of course, if it’s a smaller display you’d like just decrease the value. This rare for people to do though, as shrinking your radar just limits your vision, in exchange for only a tiny bit more of your screen to be freed up.

CS:GO radar made bigger
The whole HUD enlarged. Crude, but effective.

The radar is a part of the game that often goes missed by players until they’re too used to the default setting and neglect making changes. By getting in the habit of continual cognizance of your surroundings, you’ll reduce the times you push onto B site with the bomb before noticing the rest of the team is on A. Damn, that sucks.

Image credits: Screenshots from Valve

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