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Give weapon codes

Using the give weapon command in CS:GO

The CS:GO console offers loads of opportunity to spawn things in private matches like how to give weapons, money, and ammo. The ability to give weapons with commands eliminates the need to fiddle around with restarting rounds, as you can just chuck a few commands in the console to drop the weapon you need. Here is the basic give weapon command you need, and a few of the weapon codes to give certain guns.

How to give weapon in a CS:GO private match

To spawn any weapon in CS:GO you need to have cheats activated, meaning you can only do these on private servers where you can enable hacks. The command to do this is below, copy it into your console.

Now you’ve got cheats enabled, you can drop weapons on the ground for you and your friends. To give an AK, use the command below.

You can find some other common weapons you might want to drop below, too, but check out our comprehensive weapon code list for all of them.

Gun name Give weapon command
M4A4 give weapon_m4a1
AK-47 give weapon_ak47
M4A1-S give weapon_m4a1_silencer
AWP give weapon_awp
Desert Eagle give weapon_deagle
UMP-45 give weapon_ump45
SSG 08 (Scout) give weapon_ssg08
Galil give weapon_galilar
FAMAS give weapon_ famas
Flashbang grenade give weapon_flashbang
Smoke grenade give weapon_smokegrenade
HE grenade give weapon_hegrenade
Molotov (T Side) give weapon_ molotov
Incendiary grenade (CT Side) give weapon_incgrenade

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If these commands look as though they have not worked, check the ground to see if the gun is there and make sure cheats are enabled, before panicking.

Image Credit: Valve