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csgo god mode command

CS:GO god mode commands for unlimited health

While you cannot use a god mode cheat in a online matchmaking game of CS:GO, you can use them in offline private matches to get the most out of the awesome hack sv_cheats 1. God mode gives you infinite health, meaning you can fall off as many tall structures as you like, which comes in handy more than you’d think. God mode also makes you immune to bots killing you if you leave them in the game. Here is a CS:GO god mode command you can just throw into your console.

CS:GO god mode just for yourself

If it’s only you that you want to get god mode for, then you will first need to copy the command below into your console to enable cheats:

Next, simply paste the command below into your developer’s console and you’ll have god mode enabled for just you in the server.

This will toggle god mode on and off. The first time you enter it with cheats turned on it will activate, and putting it into console again will disable god mode. God mode doesn’t give you extra perks like infinite ammo, so check out our guide if you need that, too.

How to give bots god mode CS:GO

To make the bots in your server immune to damage and therefore great to train on as they have infinite health, make sure you have cheats activated by using the sv_cheats 1 command above, then copy this command into your console:

Using this command means you can practice spray controls or one taps on bots, which is more useful than spraying at walls as you’re practicing on a player model just as you would in a live match.

Image credits: Valve