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Best hidden plant spots for the bomb in CS:GO

Using hidden bomb plant spots is both hilarious, being able to watch your enemy dart across the bomb site looking for the defuse, and actually carries some benefits. If there are 15 seconds on the clock and no kit on the Counter-Terrorists when you’ve used one of these, chances are they won’t find the bomb in five seconds and may end up being unable to defuse. Here are some hidden plant spots on Cache, Overpass, and Cobblestone; the other main maps have no decent spots, so they’re not included.

All of these are done with the crosshair pulled down as far towards the floor as possible. When your mouse can’t move any further down, that’s when you can start lining up these plant positions.

Cache hidden plant spots

Cache is a map that’s great to use hidden spots on because on A site the ‘Default’ plant spot is usually used, and players will assume that’s where it is. Over on B, you’re usually going to place the bomb safe, behind the default boxes, or at the back of the site to players in B main can see it. In both of these cases, CT’s won’t expect an usual place for the bomb to be. On A, you can plant the bomb in between these yellow ridges at the back of the site. Due to height of these yellow things, if someone is in a rush or coming from highway or truck, they will likely miss it before they’ve checked default, giving them even less time to defuse and find you.

hidden bomb plant on A site cache
Super tough to see coming from Truck or highway

On B, you want to place the bomb just enough on the site for the plant to register, but it towards the edge enough that the high rims of the B site will disguise the bomb from multiple angles. To do this, run up to the corner towards CT, and look straight down and a little to the left of the brown edging. As CT spawn and heaven are the most common retake positions, CT’s will miss this little spot in search of the bomb towards the back of site, buying you more valuable seconds.

B bombsite cache hidden plant spot
From heaven or CT they’ll never see it

Cobblestone hidden plants

Cobblestone hidden plant spots are not as powerful as those on Cache, as the positions the bomb is usually planted is much more varied, making CT’s more prone to check around for it. Still, the A and B site have very concealed spots. On A, you can plant just over a rock to make the bomb only show up from the red light it emits every other beep. Just position your crosshair squarely in the middle of the rock in the image and plant, and it might just confuse your enemy.

A site cobblestone hidden bomb plant
Find this rock at the back of the site and plant. It shows the flashing red light, but nothing else.

B site has one of the best hidden bomb spots as the red light flashing can’t be seen. Just go up to any of the flower pots on the outer wall of the site and look straight in the middle and plant. The best part is, whatever way you come onto the site there’ll be a plant right next to you. The image below is of one of the plants you can plant on top of. There are no visible signs it’s here at all once planted, so we couldn’t even show you it ticking down.

B site cobblestone hidden plant
Crosshair in the middle, and that’s a solid plant

Overpass hidden bomb spots

Overpass might just be the map with the best bomb plant spots. They’re particularly useful for Overpass, too, as the rotations for the CT’s can be so quick coming up or down the stairs behind CT spawn that this buys time to counteract that.

On the A site, there are two large rocks, like on Cobble, that you can use to hide the bomb. The first is just before the optimus truck, and the second is behind it. Choose either as they both work fantastically at hiding the plant. Remember, if Counter-Terrorists find one of the hidden plants, you can always use the other rock. The fact they busted you once before means they’ll probably expect it to be in the same place as last time, when in reality it’s on the other side of the truck.

A site overpass hidden bomb spot
Rocks in front of Optimus and behind. The large ones on either side work great

The B bombsite only has one position to hide the bomb, sadly, and it’s the bucket that lies static on site. Simply walk up to it, right by the default location to plant, and look squarely at it’s centre to get the bucket to hide the bomb.

B site overpass hidden bomb spot csgo
No sign of the bomb bar the occasional red flash as it ticks down.

There you go! Three maps to try and score some laughs in matchmaking by watching the enemy team run aimlessly around the site looking for the bomb.

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve

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