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CS:GO no crosshair command and binds

It can be a fun time to know how to remove crosshair in CS:GO if you’re messing around with friends on something like strat roulette, as you have no indicator as to where your bullet will land. It’s also nice to know a no crosshair command if you’re exploring a new map. Here is a simple command to hide it, and a CS:GO crosshair toggle bind to easily switch between showing your crosshair or not.

CS:GO no crosshair command – watch your accuracy plummet

It’s incredibly simple to remove crosshair in CS:GO using the developer console. All you need do if you want it off your screen is copy the command below in your console:

This will remove your crosshair, leaving the middle of your screen open and your aim questionable to say the least. And since you need your crosshair for things like practicing and throwing smokes and precise bomb plants, you’ll turn it back on at some point. To put your crosshair back on, use the command below in the console:

CS:GO crosshair bind – one key-press to show or hide it

To save yourself constantly switching between having a visible crosshair or not, make your life easier with a bind to be able to toggle it. This way, if a situation arises where you’d rather not know where your bullets will be going, then it’s much easier to do so. The command below binds the crosshair toggle to F2, but replace that with whatever key suits you.

There’s your simple way to remove the crosshair. Make sure you remember the command crosshair 1 so you can reveal it again; it would be no good to play a full comp game without a crosshair!

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve