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how to change font on csgo

How to change CS:GO font

If you watch CS:GO youtubers you might notice that some of them use different text fonts to the default. This is because in CS:GO changing font is possible, which alters the text on your HUD, on the killfeed, and all areas of your ingame display. Here is our simple guide on how to change font in CS:GO. And no, this does not get you a vac ban when you choose a font from the website we show.

Choosing your ideal CS:GO font change

You can pick from a wide variety of ingame font styles on the website, with varying size and color. Scroll through their extensive list until you find a font you want to change to – I’ve gone for the RuneScape UF font having played RuneScape for a worryingly long portion of my childhood.

How to get a RuneScape font in CSGO
This is a screenshot, by the way. I hope you didn’t try and download a screenshot.

How to change CS:GO font through the Steam files

Once you’ve decided on a new CS:GO font to change to, you’ll need to open up your Steam files ready to switch them over. Go into your Program Files (x86) on your hard drive and follow the navigation you can see in the picture below to reach the flash folder. If you are used to navigating the Steam files, the route is: Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > csgo > resource > flash

how to change font in csgo steam file directory

Now that you’ve got the flash folder open, you’ll want to make a backup of your default font setup. To do this, locate the file in the flash folder called “fontmapping.cfg”. Click this once and hit Ctrl + C to copy it, then save it in a different location, like your desktop. Minimize the flash folder for now and move on to the next step.

CS:GO: Change font with a simple drag and drop

With the CS:GO font you’ve decided to change to, hit the download button on and open up the zip file. Click through all the folders until you get to the end, which will be two files, one of which will be named fontmapping.cfg. The image below shows the two files you need to find, and the route to get there through the zip file.

CSGO change font

Open up both the file windows you’ve opened so far side by side, and drag and drop the two files from your chosen font into the flash folder in the CS:GO files. A message similar to the one below should pop up, to which you should hit Copy and Replace on.

copy and replace the changed font into your steam files

To see these changes live, restart the game. Now you know how to change CS:GO font for the next time you want to change the look of the text.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve