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How to change fov in CS:GO private matches

When it comes to how to change fov in CS:GO, there aren’t a whole lot of options you can use that will increase how much you can see in real, live competitive matches. Many of the setting changes can be done only with the command sv_cheats 1 active in your console, something you can’t activate in matchmaking. Still, you can have a lot of fun playing around with CS:GO fov commands, using some of the settings below to run around maps with friends or bots like some crazy, gun-wielding Slenderman.

What is CS:GO fov?

CS:GO’s fov, or field of view, determines how much of the map you can see in front of you on your screen. The larger the fov, the more of the map you can see. Because of this, knowing how to change your fov in CS:GO is something many people will ask. Sadly, though, you can’t set your field of view to the crazy levels you may have seen in videos in competitive matches. If you want to try them out in an offline server, though, here are the CS:GO fov commands to do so.

How to change CS:GO fov with commands

Like the heading says, you’ll need cheats active on a server, like an offline with bots one, to use these commands. To do this, simply open your console and copy the text below into it.

Once done, you can start stretching those arms to alien lengths. The command that will distort your body shape to incomprehensible lengths is fov_cs_debug. This is the best CS:GO fov command as it can zoom you out the furthest, or give you the most zoomed in fov depending on the numeric value you give the command.

The lower the numbers, starting at 1, will zoom your screen in so much you’ll be unable to see your weapon. On the other hand, a value like 150 will give you arms as long as an AWP.

a 150 field of view
Looks bizarre but trust me, it’s fun

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To attain the field of view in the picture above, copy the command from the text below into your console.

If you’d like to give yourself a different kind of experience of shooting in CS then try reducing your field of view. In the image below we’re using the number 60, and it can make playing against bots a really enjoyable way to spend your time on the game; it’s just so different to what you’d do in a competitive game.

60 field of view on csgo
Here is the arcade-style of 60 fov

To use this fov in CS:GO, copy the command in the box:

If at any time you start panicking and thinking your arms will forever look like horribly stretched things, don’t panic. You can revert any changes and go back to default fov by copying the previous commands but using the number 0 at the end.

If you’re playing around for a lengthy time on a private server, it can be helpful to have infinite round lengths.

Image credit: Screengrab via Valve

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