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How to one tap in CS:GO with crosshairs, practice, and training

Besides looking stylish and being deserving of a round of applause from everyone in the server, one-tapping in CS:GO with the AK-47 or M4 can be a useful skill to master, becoming an especially valuable trait to have when fighting an enemy at such a distance that spraying isn’t viable. Here are the best ways to practice one taps, how to find your perfect crosshair, and in which situations they trump spraying.

The perfect crosshair for one taps in CS:GO

While it may seem an insignificant element in improving your one taps, choosing the right crosshair will actually hone your precise shots and make it easier to perfectly align your bullet with your enemy’s head. Crosshairs can be changed in game by using console commands, such as cl_crosshairgap to expand or shrink the crosshair’s gap, or through crosshair generator websites. Generally, the crosshairs most suited for one taps have a very small gap, so you can perfectly align it with player’s heads, or no gap, and are just a solid dot.

Here are some crosshairs for one tapping that you can use in CS:GO by simpling copying the text into your developer’s console:


Small gap:

Now that you’ve got a suitable crosshair, it’s time to use it.

Controlling your one taps

Dot crosshair CS:GO
The Dot-style crosshair we provided earlier in the article.

One of the most frequent mistakes players make when trying to eliminate their enemy with a single, stylish bullet is, after missing the first shot, tapping away without controlling themselves. Rifles like the AK-47 and M4 are good to tap for about three shots before you should stop firing, allow the gun to reset its spray pattern, and then carry on. While your accuracy is recovering from the three taps, try and move from side to side, making yourself harder to hit while you’re unable to fire. After a second or so, tap three more times. If you still haven’t landed your one tap, repeat the process until you, or your CS:GO nemesis from a stunning one tap, is dead.

While it is an obvious point to state, refrain from running and tapping. The two are like oil and water; they don’t mix. If there’s one thing you’ll need to remember in the heat of battle, it’s the golden rule of: three taps and move.

Training your one taps in CS:GO

crosshair on CS:GO with a small gap
The small gap crosshair we provided earlier in the article.

Practice makes perfect, and one tapping is no different. Thankfully, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is a video game that benefits from a brilliant community servers section, offering free-for-all’s, 1v1’s, and many other innovative ways you can shake up your practice routine and better your taps. Our favorite ways to familiarize yourself with new aim techniques is through deathmatch servers on the online community servers section. Putting yourself up against strong players and constantly being forced into aim duels will improve your one tapping technique. What’s more, you need only search for “Headshot only deathmatch” in the community servers list to load a deathmatch game where shooting at the body does no damage. You’ll have to land the headshots.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel savvy enough with one taps at the moment to practice against live players, playing offline with bots is a suitable replacement. Try the workshop map aim_botz, or simply load up an offline server of your own and play against bots until you feel sharp enough to test your taps against real people. For the latter, you can easily use unlimited money through console commands to make your training more effective.

So have fun, aim for the head, and happy tapping!

Image credits: Screenshots from Valve

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