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How to record demos in CS:GO with voice and no HUD

Recording the demo of your match in CS:GO is a great thing to do if you’d like to look back and analyze your gameplay, edit it down to produce highlights, or just to store funny and memorable moments that happened in your game. What’s more, use this guide to be able to record demos with voice, or without the HUD to give you the saved demo you want.

How to record demos automatically in CS:GO: Simple but easy

CS:GO will automatically record your demos for you, as well as giving you a brief overview of your highlights. Looking at these demos is the best way to improve your gameplay, and you can use the GOTV settings to skip through unimportant rounds to efficiently understand how the enemy team executed against you, for example. On the flip side, look back at your T side rounds to see what members of your squad failed to do their role, and learn from that mistake so it doesn’t happen in the future. To see the demos that CS automatically stores, go to the watch tab at the top of your game client. From there, hit the box saying your matches and choose the recent demo you’d like to review and record. Then, press download. After a few minutes the demo will be downloaded for you to browse over, so simply go to the tab above labelled downloaded and then click watch on GOTV.

csgo demos record how to watch playback
How to download your past demos

Once you’ve loaded into the demo, open up your console and type the command below into it to open up the demo settings panel, allowing you to pause the demo, speed it up, skip to certain rounds, and more.

While this tool is great for recording demos as it’s so easily accessible, it doesn’t come without flaws. Unfortunately, you can’t hear voices, neither from yourself nor your teammates, if you wanted to capture reactions to an insane clip you landed. Neither is the demo going to deliver you the smoothest gameplay to record; demos have a lower tick rate than the matchmaking servers, which are 64. So, how do we get around this?

CS:GO record demo with voice, without HUD, and with a smoother look

To record demos with voice or any features mentioned in the above title you won’t be able to use the automatically recorded demos that CS:GO provides. Instead, you’ll have to manually tell the game to record. This is done by typing this command into your console:

Replace demoname with what you’d like to call the video, like record october302017 if you’d like to date stamp the games. Just be sure to use underscores between words, not spaces. To stop recording, open up your console again and type stop.

To then view your recording, open up demouion any page in CS, it even works on the home screen, and hit the load button. Now choose the demo you’d like to see.

To record your voice on the demo, you’ll have to enable this command to hear your voice in the demo recording:

To view demos with no HUD features visible which can clog up your screen with information redundant in the world of highlight videos and frag movies, type the command below into console:

That’s you set with your demo recording customization. Have fun, and remember that when someone tells you to type ‘demos’ in console in a matchmaking game, don’t do it! It’s a trick.

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve

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