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CS:GO turn off tips

If you’re new to CS:GO, it’s likely you’ve seen game instructor tips that pop up on the screen at certain times. While this can be helpful to a beginner that has just started playing, once you’ve understood what they are telling you they just get in the way, so it’s very useful to know in CS:GO how to turn off tips to clear your screen a bit from the annoying pop-ups.

CS:GO How to turn off tips: The game settings

Besides making you look like a bit of a noob to your friends, game instructor tips are very obstructive and can block your view. To turn off tips, simply go to game settings of CS:GO.

If you’re on the home page, this is done by hitting the button saying Options at the top right of the screen, and then choosing Game Settings.

In a game server, this is done by pressing escape on your keyboard and then choosing Game settings on the menu.

Once this is opened, the setting right at the top of panel reading Enable Game Instructor Messages is what toggles help tips on and off. Select No on this option to remove the game tips.

csgo turn off tips
Selecting No on this setting will turn off tips

Now you will have a de-cluttered screen and a much less frustrating time as you are no longer told the same message at the start of each round!

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Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve