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How to get infinite time in CS:GO with console commands

Knowing how to get CS:GO unlimited time in a private server to practice smokes, spray patterns, or anything else is super helpful and can help you out in real games when you’re needed to smoke off an angle in a real match, for example.

Infinite time prevents you having to run back to that spot you were practising that smoke lineup, and prevents the clock limiting what you can train offline with bots, meaning your session can be casual without a time limit. You can use it in conjunction with unlimited money commands to test different weapons, too. This guide provides all of this with a couple of CS:GO infinite time commands.

csgo time run out
We don’t want this

CS:GO round time command: Having 60 minute rounds

While it’s not infinite time, it sure is close. You can use a time command in your console that will change the length of round times from 1 minute 55 seconds to 60 minutes. It’s easy, extends round time to an almost-unlimited length, and doesn’t require sv_cheats to be activated. To change round time in CS:GO, simply enter the command below into your console:

csgo unlimited round time
Ah, much better

Keep in mind, though, this command presumes you’re playing in a map which is a defuse scenario, like Mirage, Dust II, etc. If you’re playing on a hostage map, like Agency, CS:GO won’t give you infinite time. You’ll need to enter this command instead:

Either of these commands will extend round time in CS:GO, allowing you to get those smokes picture perfect. With the length of your round increased considerably, considering using unlimited money commands to complement that. If you get to a stage where you need more time to buy your equipment or need to buy anywhere, that is possible.

CS:GO unlimited time command: How to make a round last forever

The second command for CS:GO unlimited time prevents the round from being won by either side, effectively stretching it out forever. It’s essentially the same as the previous command and will solve your question of how to change round time, but if you think that, for some reason, you’ll be in the server for longer than 60 minutes then this round time command would suit you better. Simply copy the text from the box into your console:

Whack either of these commands into the CS:GO console to get unlimited time on your private servers, like an offline game with bots, rounds. Just remember if you do stretch round time to 60 minutes, use the right command for your map. The command ending in hostage gives infinite time in hostage maps, and the one ending in defuse is for bomb plant maps.

Have fun with these and be sure to check out the rest of the site for more simple guides.

Image credit: Screenshot from Valve

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