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Statistics, spawn gun command and more for the new MP5-SD

Valve recently announced the return of a familiar SMG, the MP5, to CS:GO in the form of the new MP5-SD. The MP5 is available for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists and is a replacement for the MP7 slot. Here is everything you need to know about CS:GO’s new weapon including its stats, the MP5 give weapon command and more useful information.

The MP5’s Statistics

Here is a detailed list of the statistics of the MP5 CS:GO shows in the game client. It’s a very similar weapon to the MP7, with the main differences between the guns being the silencer on the MP5-SD and the fact that the MP5 has a faster movement speed on it than the MP7.

  • Cost: $1500
  • Magazine: 30/120
  • Damage: 27
  • Accurate range: 15 metres
  • Firerate: 12
  • Recoil control: 85
  • Armor penetration: 125
  • Penetration power: 1
  • Stopping power: 100

How to spawn a MP5 in CS:GO

Like any gun in CS:GO, you can use console commands to spawn the MP5 on private matches and offline servers very easily.

The first step to do this is by turning on cheats in your CS:GO console. Copy and paste the command in the box below into your console to do this.

Once cheats are activated, you can use the give weapon command in CS:GO to drop a MP5. Copy and paste the command below to your console to do this.

That will give you the ability to spawn an MP5-SD in game to try out the fun new weapon!

MP5 Skins

There are currently no skins for the MP5 with the weapon having just been released, but when there is be sure to check back as we’ll update this article to include them.

For now, enjoy the mockups that CS:GO YouTuber Anomaly and @StickerWaster showcased in this video!

These skins are not real or released – they were just made for fun and to show what skins might look like on the MP5.

Image credit: Valve