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Ninja in CS:GO tips

How to Ninja Defuse CS:GO

The art of the Ninja Defuse in CS:GO is something that elevates a player to an artist. No act brings more humiliation to the enemy team, or jubilance to yours, than winning a round right under the other team’s nose. While you can’t expect to pull one off every time you try, we have some Ninja Defuse tips you can use to better your chances of ascending into the greats of CS:GO.

How to Ninja defuse: Spots on Mirage

For a successful Ninja, you will need to be unseen the whole time the unexpecting Terrorists are making their way onto the bombsite, clearing it, and planting the bomb. This requires a killer position to hide in. On Mirage, both the A and B sites provide one.

On B, ask a teammate to boost you onto the box in the corner of the bombsite, right next to the default plant spot. This is often un-checked in games, and allows you to drop a smoke on the bomb right as it gets planted which, with a bit of luck and our tips later in the article, could yield a Ninja Defuse.

csgo ninja defuses tips bind
Get boosted onto this box and you’ll often be overlooked

Over on the A side of the map, there’s a little corner you can tuck yourself into. With this one, you will usually be unseen as they plant, but T’s will generally check this before they leave the site, so we’d recommend throwing a smoke immediately onto the bomb when it’s planted from this position. You can see the picture below for where it is on A.

ninja sparkles eh
Tuck yourself into this corner to hide on A

I feel as though Mirage is the only map in the active pool that has two great, consistent spots to Ninja from. Of course there are decent spots on other maps, but in lieu of finding one, you will have to resort to something else.

To do this, all you need is a smoke grenade and a kit. As you’d imagine, armor is incredibly beneficial. Sit on the site you hope the enemy team will attack and, just before they enter the site and would be able to see you, throw a smoke in the default plant spot of the map you’re on. Then, hide in this smoke and hope the T’s will plant the bomb in your smoke. If they do, locate the bomb and start defusing it. If you’re lucky, they won’t notice you or won’t be able to kill you and you’ll be able to pull off the defuse.

Ninja Defuse Tips: Enable Game Instructor Messages

If you’re going into a match with the express goal to land a Ninja Defuse on the CT half, it might be worth turning on in-game tips to help you find the bomb in the midst of the smoke grenade you’ll throw. To do this, go into your game settings and make sure Game Instructor Messages are turned on. You can follow our guide on how to turn off tips, but make sure the word on the setting is Yes, not No.

By using this, there’s a chance that when you’re in a smoke grenade looking for the bomb so you can start defusing it an in-game tip will point directly to the bomb. You can see in the image below how clear this makes getting on that defuse in a haze of a smoke, buying yourself valuable seconds considering most Ninja Defuses only need 5. This doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it’s definitely worth having on for when it does decide to help you out.

ninja smoke defuse with tip
A pointer right to the bomb

Ninja Defuse Tips: Flashing when on the bomb

While what you can do is limited while you’re defusing the bomb, you are able to throw grenades. When you begin the Ninja, if you haven’t already your first priority is to drop a smoke on yourself, making it tougher for the Terrorists to kill you. If you’re already shrouded in fog, dropping a flashbang is the next best way to try and prevent them killing you while you’re Ninja-ing.

Simply equip the flashbang grenade and use the right-click throw to bounce it where you are. This way any enemies facing the bomb, and thus you, will be blinded and struggle to spray you down in the smoke. This is a great way to increase the chances of pulling off a Ninja as it doesn’t make the defuse longer and has no drawbacks.

Blind luck

Sometimes, though, logic gets thrown out of the equation and blind luck will land you a Ninja Defuse. Almost certainly won’t be as lucky as this crazy one, though.

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve