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How to fly in CS:GO

If you’re a normal CS:GO player you’ve probably had the fantasy of flying around the map like Superman. That’s where noclip comes in, the CS:GO fly command. Noclip allows you to pass through walls and fly above the map, making travelling around in private matches much more efficient as you move so much faster. Here are the commands for how to fly in CS:GO and how to bind noclip to a single key, allowing you to toggle being able to fly or not.

How to fly: Console commands to bind noclip CS:GO

As the CS:GO fly command is a legal hack it can’t be used on servers like the official matchmaking servers, so to fly you’ll need to first be on a private server where you can enable cheats. To enable cheats, simply copy the command below into your console:

Once cheats are enabled, you are able to use the noclip command. Typing in this command toggles noclip, so just put it into your console to either turn on noclip or turn it off:

You can bind noclip to a button on your keyboard once cheats are enabled to save you time if you need to move around the map swiftly, but also need to be on solid ground from time to time. The command below is how to bind noclip to the letter P, but you can change this to whatever key suits you. Each press of the button will toggle noclip.

Image credits: Valve