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With OPSkins having been hit by a cease and desist order by Valve, much of the CS:GO and skin-trading community as a whole have been looking for an OPSkins alternative to trade on. Here are some good alternative websites you can use to continue trading as normal.


DMarket is one of the new kids on the block - it was launched in 2017 and is based on blockchain technology. Not only is it an excellent easy-to-use platform for you to sell your skins, but it also has a large catalogue of CS:GO skins available for you to purchase instantly. Skins can be purchased using your account balance, or DMarket's very own cryptocurrency, DMC. Account balance can be topped up with credit card, debit card, G2A Pay, PayPal, and many other payment methods. Click the button below to head to DMarket.

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BitSkins is a popular alternative to OPSkins and has actually always been a viable website to use for trading. It has the same massive library of skins people came to expect from OPSkins, but actually has a smaller commision fee, so sellers walk away with more profit. BitSkins take 5% commision on sales compared to the 10% that OPSkins would take, and this percentage actually goes down the more you sell on the site.

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It has a really extensive collection of CS:GO skins and sports a site design similar to that of OPSkins as well as an easy-to-use filter system. For fans looking for a site similar to OPSkins, BitSkins is the best option.

The other games that you can buy and sell items on BitSkins for are:

  • Dota 2
  • PUBG
  • H1Z1
  • TF2
  • Rust
  • PayDay 2
  • Unturned
  • And more

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CS:GO Shop

CS:GO Shop is another contender to take OPSkins’ crown, but as the name gives away, the site has a very heavy bias towards CS:GO. This means if you enjoyed the fact that OPSkins had multiple games to browse items for, CS:GO Shop isn’t the site you should use.

A plus on using CS:GO Shop is that their commission includes PayPal fees. The way this works is that rather than charging sellers the 5% commission by giving them 95% of an item’s sale price, instead the 5% commission comes off as you withdraw your funds from the site.

It’s certainly an alternative to OPSkins, but with the lack of games and the smaller user base – and therefore fewer skins on the site – it doesn’t compare well to BitSkins.

These are the two best sites like OPSkins we thought looked easy-to-use and with a skin library large enough to have whatever you’re after in stock.

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