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How to make a quick switch bind in CS:GO

When AWPing in CS:GO, most people choose to switch weapons after they’ve fired a shot because the AWP automatically re-zooms, which can make shooting again slower and less accurate. It’s important in CS:GO to “quickswitch” because of this, and a bind is the best way to quick switch. This way, instead of hitting Q ❲the default button❳ twice to stop your AWP from scoping, you need only press it once. Here are the console commands to create a quick switch bind.

Quickswitch bind for the AWP

Quick switching is one of the most useful scripts in CS and really makes using the AWP easier. To only need to press Q once to fast switch your AWP, copy the command below into your console:

Using this bind will make your AWPing much smoother, as you won’t need to frantically double tap Q, or toggle between 1 and 3. Instead, only one key is needed to set you up for your next AWP shot.

CS:GO quick switch bind for other weapons

If you want to use the quick switch bind for other CS:GO weapons, replace the weapon code for the AWP ❲weapon_awp❳ with the weapon of your choice. As it’s another scoped weapon meaning quick switching is good to use with it, you can copy the command below to bind it for a Scout.

If you’re unsure about what to put in the console for certain weapons, we have compiled a full list of weapon codes.

Image credits: Valve