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How to practice smokes in CS:GO

One of the key differences between a decent player in CS:GO and a great teammate is the ability to use smoke grenades and other utility to gain an upper-hand over the other team. Knowing how to use smokes to block off areas of the map that the other team could be watching from is especially crucial to making that leap to higher-level play. The best way to practice smokes in CS:GO is by loading up practice maps that have the positions of where and how to throw the grenade set up for you.

CS:GO Smoke practice 101: Use training maps

Grenade servers are great as they have all the information of how to perfectly throw the smoke grenade on the map itself. That way, when it comes to a real match, all you need to do is stand where you did on the practice map and find the lineup of the grenade to hit a point-perfect smoke. You can find maps to practice smokes on the CS:GO Workshop.

Someone who has done a bunch of great practice servers for not just smoke training, but also flashes and molotovs, is Dolnma. You can even find the latest version of Inferno on his workshop page. As well as the latest version of Inferno, Dolnma has also produced maps to practice smokes, flashes, and molotovs on for Mirage, Cobblestone, Overpass, and Cache.

csgo practice smokes map
You have to pointers of where to stand and aim – very easy

Using pre-made maps like this eliminate the need to set up something like a CS:GO smoke practice config, as you can just load into one of these and practice, without needing to tab in and out of CS to check where your crosshair should be.

CS:GO how to practice smokes: loading into your smoke practice maps

After finding the training map on the CS:GO workshop you’d like to use to refine your smoke skills, hit the + Subscribe button next to the map name to download it. Once done, open up CS:GO and on the homepage go to Play, then Offline with bots. At the top of the screen hit the option saying Workshop. In this section should be the map you just subscribed to, ready to play. If you can’t see the map after subscribing to it, try restarting CS:GO. Then all you need to do is press play and begin grinding those smokes out.

Something to note: if you can’t read the in-game descriptions of what the smoke will block off or how to throw it, turn up your model/texture detail to high. This will make them readable. You can find this in settings > video settings.

Image credits: Screengrabs via Valve

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