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How to turn down CS:GO voice volume command

We’ve all been in the situation in CS:GO where you just have to turn down the voice volume of a teammate or someone in your game. I sympathize with you if it’s bad enough that you had to seek out an article to help you lower their voice chat volume. So here are the console commands you need to lower the screeching loudness of that person in your match.

How to lower CS:GO voice volume command

You can very simply adjust the volume of your team with the console command below:

This halves the default level of whatever player’s mic is driving you insane, meaning much less of the sound you hear is taken up by their shouting, swearing, or whatever else has made you detest your team.

Obviously voice_scale 0.5 isn’t the perfect level for everyone, so you can adjust the value accordingly to best lower the voice chat volume of annoying players.

If you want your teammates’ voice chat volume to be barely a whisper, set it to around 0.2 – 0.1

I personally use voice_scale 0.8 because default is almost perfect for me, but just a bit too loud in clutches, but this will differ from person to person. As you’d probably guess, the value 1 at the end of the command is default, so bring it lower to turn down voice volume and increase it to have other people’s microphone volume higher.

If reducing the volume of teammates isn’t enough to sufficiently shut them up, consider setting up a bind to be able to toggle muting voice chat entirely.. and if you’re tired of using CS:GO to communicate, you’d probably benefit from an IM client like Discord or Teamspeak. Check out DiscordHelp’s comparison of Discord and TeamSpeak if you’re struggling to decide which one is better.

Image credits: Valve