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infinite ammo csgo binds and commands

Unlimited ammo in CS:GO and binds – with and without reload

To practice your spray effectively in CS:GO infinite ammo is needed. Playing around in match-like scenarios by playing in a bot game on real maps is a great way to learn those recoil patterns, but to do that you need unlimited ammo. Here are console commands to get in CS:GO infinite ammo, and a bind to enable it with a key press.

CS:GO unlimited ammo command #1: with reload

If you want to give yourself infinite ammo to practice your spray control, it’s best to use this command as it will still give you magazines of 30 — meaning the recoil pattern of the magazine will be the same as when you use this practice in real games — but an infinite supply of those, so you don’t need to keep restarting. Turn sv_cheats 1 on in your console first.

Now you need to put the actual command in. This makes learning recoil patterns and other elements of spraying much easier. Copy the below into your console:

With this infinite ammo command you’ll always have ammo reserves, but you’ll still have that 30 bullet limit that spans the whole duration of a rifles’ spray giving you an accurate idea of what the spray pattern will be like.

CS:GO infinite ammo command #2: no reload

There are two unlimited ammo commands in CS: one where you still need to reload and one where your magazine is infinite. If you want to never reload, first turn on sv_cheats 1.

Next, you’ll want to put the command below into your CS:GO console. This command is to not have to reload.

Opening up your console each time you want to use this command can be very tiresome and a useless process to go through. To save time and make it super easy to get infinite ammo in CS:GO set up a bind for it. The command below will bind this command to whatever part of your keyboard you’d like, just replace the letter J with what you’d like to bind it to.

With that command bound you can swap between having infinite ammo (without needing to reload) and having normal ammo with the press of a button, in the example’s case, J.

You can check out our other guides on useful console commands to use while practising, such as having infinite round time, or having unlimited money.

Image credit: Screengrab via Valve