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How to buy anywhere and get unlimited buy time in CS:GO

I’m sure there’s been a time in CS:GO when you’ve been in a competitive match and opened up the buy menu hoping to grab a last minute gun, grenade, or kit, only to have ran out of time to do this. While we can’t help with anything in competitive games, rest assured you won’t run out of time to buy weapons and gear in private servers with these simple console commands to make it longer and give yourself unlimited buy time.

We’ve even got commands on how to buy anywhere in CS:GOallowing you to grab whatever you need, whenever in the round. Your buy zone is the whole map, and you have no buy time. Here is how you do this:

CS:GO unlimited buy time command: Disable the time limit

To give yourself unlimited time to browse Counter-Strike’s weaponry wares you’ll need to use the command to increase how long the allotted time period to purchase items is. Default is set at 20 seconds, but just copy the command below into your console to extend that period and remove the limitations.

Keep in mind this command is measured in seconds, so the value at the end must be high to give yourself close to an infinite buy time. The above command gives you unlimited time, with 60,000 seconds to purchase something. Now surely that’s enough time to see that a PP-Bizon is certainly not the gun you should be getting. Of course, this does only work in private servers, but it gives you the ability to re-purchase grenades or anything you might need while training offline with bots.

CS:GO buy anywhere command

It’s infuriating when you’re practicing something in an offline server and you need something from the buy menu. This is magnified tenfold when playing with unlimited time, as there aren’t any new rounds to shoot you back to the buy zone. So, knowing the command for how to buy anywhere in CS:GO is imperative if you’re going to spend a long time on a map. To enable buy anywhere, simply copy the command mp_buy_anywhere 1 into your CS:GO console:

left the buy zone csgo
Is that so, Valve?

That is how to set buy anywhere in CS:GO on, and to turn it off and have a restricted buy zone once more, simply enter a 0 where the 1 is. These two console commands go hand-in-hand because there’s no sense in a 20 second buy limit when you’ve got infinite round time. If you need unlimited money to accompany these commands, we’ve done a guide on that, too.

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Image credits: Screenshot via Valve

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