bot_stop Command

bot_stop [0 / 1]

This command, if set to 1, causes bots to stop what they're doing. This means they will stop moving, shooting and all other processes until you turn the command off (by setting it to 0, which is default).


Arguments are parameters that you add to a command. Find information about this command's arguments below.

0 / 1Enter 1 to stop all bots from doing what they're doing and stand still, and 0 to turn the command off and resume bots movement and actions back to normal.

Extra Info

Sv_cheats Required? Yes
Client or Server Command? Server
Default Value 0

bot_stop Examples

Find below working examples of this command (copy and paste into console).

bot_stop 1

Turns the command on.

bot_stop 0

Turns the command off.