About Total CS:GO

Our origins. Our future. And why we confidently call ourselves the "home of all Counter-Strike".

If you couldn't tell by the name, Total CS:GO is a website dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). We're so dedicated to the game that we like to call ourselves the "home of all Counter-Strike" (and we think the amount of content we have covering the game makes us worthy of that title).

Total CS:GO's origins date back to 2017, when a Counter-Strike news and guides website under a different name, Goat CS:GO, was launched. In 2018, Goat CS:GO became part of the Dantoo Publishing Network and rebranded itself as Total CS:GO. Along with this rebrand came a host of new tools and content, such as the binds and commands section of the site. It's also when we started to call ourselves the "home of all Counter-Strike" (side note: justification for this is at the bottom of the page).

Over the years, Total CS:GO continued to grow, adding new content and tools including:

In 2023, Total CS:GO went through its biggest change since the rebrand, revealing a totally new design (pun intended) and skins database. The skins database is one of the only places on the internet to compare prices of CS:GO skins across over ten marketplaces, allowing users to find the best price for any skin. Along with the database, useful tools for CS:GO players passionate about skins were launched:

  • CS:GO skin deals finder - a tool that uses our database of millions of listings from over ten CS:GO skin marketplaces to find the best available deals
  • CS:GO giveaways - a page that indexes CS:GO skin giveaways and other promotions available to partake in, also allowing visitors to sign up for email alerts when new promotions become available
  • CS:GO skin trading sites comparison - an unbiased, accurate comparison of all CS:GO skin marketplaces and trading platforms (like trading bots, swap tools, etc)
  • CS:GO skin finder - enter your preferences like color, price range and weapon and we'll find you skins that fit, saving you time and - because we also tell you where to find the best price - money.

If you can find us a website that does all of the above - and does it better than us - then maybe we're not qualified to call ourselves the "home of all Counter-Strike" after all. But until then, we think that self-proclaimed title is well-earned and we'll gladly debate anyone who thinks otherwise...

...and FYI, we're not joking about that debate, if you really think some place else is more deserving of the title, contact us here.