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Total CS:GO is the "home of all Counter-Strike". Whether you're a casual weekend player, a seasoned veteran, or looking to compete at a major next year, Total CS:GO is here to help.

We currently list all 2,870 console commands, over 10 of the best binds in the game, have an array of guides, and detailed collection of articles detailing skins. Find links to popular parts of our website below.

Console Commands

Console commands have been a part of Counter-Strike since before it was even a standalone game (it was originally a Half Life mod). Over the years, the total amount in the game has added up to over 2,800. We've documented, categorized, and created examples for each and every one of them.


A bind is an action assigned to a button on your mouse or keyboard. For example, the left click button on your mouse is technically just a bind to shoot your gun. Total CS:GO boasts the biggest database of useful binds for Counter-Strike, ranging from simple "mute all" binds, to complicated crosshair binds. Check all of them out by clicking on one of the buttons below.


CS:GO has lots of maps, over 1,000 skins and over 50 different items and weapons. If you want to acess any of these with commands, you're going to need to know their code (also known as an ID). Thankfully, we've created searchable databases of all the IDs you'll ever need in CS:GO. Find links to these pages below.

Crosshair Generator

One of the most important skills to develop in Counter-Strike is your aim and you can't have good aim without a good crosshair! Total CS:GO's crosshair generator provides you with an interface to adjust every possible setting of a CS:GO crosshair and view a real-time preview of how it will look in-game. When you've got your crosshair just right, just paste the commands outputted by the generator into CS:GO and get playing with your new crosshair!

Launch Options

Launch options have a wide array of functionality - they can change your graphics settings, disable (and enable) certain features, among many other things. Our launch options page lists all of the launch options available in 2020, the launch options you should be using, launch options for specific cases (e.g. for better FPS, and for 144hz monitors), and shows you how to set them. Click the button below to visit this page.


CS:GO has almost 20 ranks. Click the button below to visit the ranks section of our website and find out more.


CS:GO has an extensive collection of maps. All of these maps have dozens of callouts, which can be used by you and teammates to refer to specific locations within them in communications. If you're new to the game and looking to learn a map's callouts, or experienced and looking to find out what a specific callout is, be sure to check out the callouts section of our website.

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