cl_radar_always_centered Command

cl_radar_always_centered [0 / 1]

This command decided whether or not your radar is always centered to your location. Turning this feature off can be useful, as when you're by the edge of the map less of the radar's space is taken up by empty space, meaning you can see your surroundings more clearly.


Arguments are parameters that you add to a command. Find information about this command's arguments below.

0 / 1Enter a 0 after this command to disable having your radar centered around you all the time. Enter a 1 after the command to return the radar to centering around you.

Extra Info

Sv_cheats Required? No
Client or Server Command? Client
Default Value 1

cl_radar_always_centered Examples

Find below working examples of this command (copy and paste into console).

cl_radar_always_centered 0

Stops the radar centering around you.

cl_radar_always_centered 1

Resumes the radar centering around you.