sv_showimpacts Command

sv_showimpacts [0 / 1 / 2 / 3]

This command can be used to show bullet impacts. Bullet impacts are shown as colored squares at the location your bullets collided with something (e.g. a player, a wall). See argument information for help.


Arguments are parameters that you add to a command. Find information about this command's arguments below.

0 / 1 / 2 / 3Options are:
  • 0 - disabled (default)
  • 1 - enabled (show client (red) and server (blue) impact locations)
  • 2 - show only client bullet impact locations
  • 3 - show only server bullet impact locations

Extra Info

Sv_cheats Required? No
Client or Server Command? Client
Default Value 0

sv_showimpacts Examples

Find below working examples of this command (copy and paste into console).

sv_showimpacts 0

This command disables bullet impacts being shown on the screen (default).

sv_showimpacts 1

This command enables bullet impacts being shown. This command shows both client and server impact locations. Client impact locations are red squares, server impact locations are blue squares.

sv_showimpacts 2

This command enables bullet impacts, but only client impacts are shown.

sv_showimpacts 3

This command enables bullet impacts, but only server impacts are shown.