CS2 & CS:GO mm_dedicated_search_maxping Command

CS:GO & CS2 Compatible
mm_dedicated_search_maxping <Max Ping>

This console command is used to set your max preferred ping when connecting to matchmaking servers. It can be beneficial to adjust this command if you find yourself being put in laggy servers.

Argument Information

The syntax for this command is as follows:
Name Description
Max Ping

The maximum ping of a server you join. The lower you set this, the less laggy your matches might be, but it usually increases the time it takes to find a game. The default value for this command is 150.

Extra Information

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sv_cheats Required
Client or Server Command
Default Value
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Command Generator

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you've got everything right, hit the Copy button and paste it into the console in CS:GO.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 150
1/1 arguments filled
Max Ping

mm_dedicated_search_maxping Examples

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 350

This command would make you search for matchmaking servers that you have a ping up to 350ms in. Higher ping means you will have more "lag". You may find a game faster with this setting.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 50

This command would make you search for matchmaking servers that you have a ping up to 50ms in - i.e. the maximum ping you will have to the server that's found for you will be 50ms. This setting can reduce lag but may make you have to wait longer to find a game.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 150

This command sets this to its default value.