CS2 Buy Binds Generator

Underneath, you can find Total CS' buy binds generator. This tool can be used to easily generate binds to purchase any combination of weapons, nades and equipment (e.g. Kevlar, defuse kit). Simply select a key on the keyboard or use the Quick Select Key button and click the items you wish to add to the bind. After doing so, you will find a ready-to-use bind command available in the "Current Bind" window.

Buy binds allow you to purchase a set of items in Counter-Strike 2 with the press of a key on your keyboard, keypad, numpad or mouse. For example, if you usually buy a kevlar and helmet, AK-47, flashbang and HE grenade at the start of every Terrorist round, you could create a bind that purchases all of these items when the "P" key is pressed on your keyboard, saving yourself from going in and out of all of the different buy menus.

If you are generating more than one buy bind, you can click the "Save to Config" button which will move your bind into the "Your Config" window. From here, you can copy all of your binds at once ready to paste into the console, or download a file containing all of them ready to paste into an autoexec. Your config and selected bind is saved in your browser so they will still be here when you return to this page (unless you clear your browser data, that is).

You must have the item you wish to buy equipped in your loadout in order for a buy bind to work.

For example, if you don't have the M4A4 in your loadout but run a buy bind for the M4A4, it will not be purchased. You would need to equip the M4A4 before running the buy bind.

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