Net_graph Scoreboard Bind

The net_graph interface puts important information like your ping, FPS, and game performance statistics at the bottom of your screen. Many players have this enabled all the time, so they can make sure they aren't lagging or experiencing other issues, however, it adds unnecessary clutter to your game and can be distracting. This bind will make it so that when you hold your TAB key to bring up the scoreboard, the net_graph menu will show, and when you let go it will hide. Allowing you to check net_graph when you need to, but not having it on your screen, in the way, all of the time.

Bind Commands

The below bind should be pasted into your autoexec, as otherwise it will not work when you restart CS:GO or CS2. Press the "Change Key" button to change this bind from the TAB key to a key of your liking.

alias +netg "cl_showfps 2;+showscores";alias -netg "cl_showfps 0;-showscores"; bind tab "+netg";
Currently Bound To:
TAB scancode43

How it Works

This bind, like many others on our binds list, is made up of 3 different commands.

The first two commands are alias commands. Alias commands are necessary because they are the only way we can make a bind that does something when you hold down/let go of a key (i.e. we only show the net_graph menu when you hold down the TAB key). By creating an alias, you are basically creating a new command - an alias command is command that runs another, or multiple other, commands. Aliases that start with a + are ran once when a key is held down, and aliases that start with a - are ran once when you let go of a key.

The first alias we make is +netg, it starts with a +, this tells the game to only run it when you first hold a key down. We make the +netg alias show the net_graph with the "net_graph 1" command, and also make it show the scoreboard, with the "+showscores" command. The second alias we make is -netg, which starts with a -, telling the game to only run it when a key is let go of. We make this alias run the "net_graph 0" command (to hide the net_graph when you let go), and also run the "-showscores" command (to hide the scoreboard when you let go).

The third and final command is "bind TAB "+netg";", which simply binds the TAB key to the +netg aliases that we have just made (and explained above).


Other Bind Variations

Find different variations of this bind below.

  • Net Graph Bind (No Scoreboard)

    CS:GO Compatible Only

    If you'd prefer to have a separate bind that simply toggles the visibility of the net_graph screen, copy and paste the below bind into your console. This by default is bound to the L key on your keyboard, you can change this by changing "bindtoggle L" to "bindtoggle KEYHERE", replacing KEYHERE with your desired key.

    bindtoggle L net_graph
  • Net Graph Bind (No Scoreboard)

    CS2 Compatible Only

    The above variation only works in Counter-Strike 2. When you press the L key, it will toggle displaying your FPS and network graph on the screen.

    bind l "toggle cl_showfps 0 1; toggle cq_netgraph 0 1"
    Currently Bound To:
    L scancode15