Quickswitch Bind

A quickswitch bind will switch to your knife, and then quickly back to your weapon when the binded key is pressed. This bind is commonly used by players who use AWPs, scouts and in some cases deagles to instantly switch to their knife and then back to their gun after firing a shot. This offers no advantage in terms of recoil or the time until another shot can be fired, but it means that the AWP and SSG-08 will not re-scope in after the shot has finished firing. It is also aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have a knife skin.

Bind Commands

Find below the most common variation of this bind. Pressing the bind key will switch to your knife and then back to your weapon in slot 1 (the primary weapon). Hit the "Change Key" button to change the key this is bound to. Paste this into your developer console to apply.

alias +qsw "slot3";alias -qsw "lastinv"; bind g +qsw
Currently Bound To:
G scancode10

How it Works

Like many other binds on our binds list, this bind activates two commands when pressed.

The first part of this bind, "bind q", tells the game the character to bind the command to.

The second part of this bind, "use weapon_knife;use slot1", is made up of two commands separated by semi colons. The command "use weapon_knife", as you might've guessed, makes your character switch to holding your knife. The command "use slot1", which is ran just a tick after "use weapon_knife" will switch back to "slot1", which is your primary weapon slot. This creates the quick switch effect.


Other Bind Variations

Find different variations of this bind below.

  • Quickswitch AWP

    CS:GO Compatible Only

    The below command binds the Q key to quickswitch to your knife and then back to your AWP. Copy the command into your console to apply.

    bind q "use weapon_knife;use weapon_awp"
  • Quickswitch Deagle

    CS:GO Compatible Only

    This console command will bind the Q key to a deagle quickswitch. Paste the command into your console to activate it,

    bind q "use weapon_knife;use weapon_deagle"