CS:GO & CS2 Say Bind Generator

Below is our easy-to-use bind generator for CS:GO and CS2 that allows you to build and customize binds to send messages in team chat or all chat. Simply enter the key you wish to assign the bind to, select all or team chat and then enter your desired message to generate a say bind.

Once you've generated your bind, click "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the bind, and then paste the command into your CS:GO or CS2 console to finish the process.

Configure Your Bind

Enter the key you wish to bind your text bind to, select which chat channel to send the message in (default is all chat) and your bind message below.

What Message?

Enter the message you wish to bind to the key below.

Which Key?

Click the "Change Key" button and enter the key you wish to set.

Currently Bound To:

All Chat or Team Chat?

Select "All Chat" to send the message in the main chat channel, select "Team Chat" to only send the message to your team's chat channel.

  • All Chat
  • Team Chat

Your Generated Bind

Find below the say bind generated based on the information you entered. Paste this into the developer console (how to enable the developer console).

bind f2 "say Example Message"