Mousewheel Jump Bind

This bind will cause you to jump whenever your mouse wheel is scrolled up on down. This is commonly used by players to make bunny hopping easier, but for others it is simply more convenient than the space bar. Find variations for mouse wheel down or mouse wheel up only on the more information page.

Bind Commands

Below is the most common variation of this bind. Pasting the below command into your console will bind jump to scroll up, scroll down and space bar.

bind mwheelup +jump; bind mwheeldown +jump; bind space +jump

How it Works

This bind is actually made up of three different console commands. Each command is separated by a semi-colon ( ; ), this tells the game to treat them as such.

The first command, 'bind mwheelup +jump;' binds the +jump function (makes your character jump) to the 'mwheelup' key (the key that is fired when you scroll up with your mouse.

The second command, 'bind mwheeldown +jump;' is similar to the first, it tells your character to jump (with the +jump function) when the mwheeldown key is pressed (when you scroll down with your mouse).

The third and final command, 'bind space +jump' re-binds the space bar ('space') to the jump function ('+jump'). This is so you can still use the spacebar to jump.


Other Bind Variations

Find different variations of this bind below.

  • Mouse Wheel Up Only

    CS2 & CS:GO Compatible

    This command will bind jump to only the mouse wheel scroll up key (mwheelup).

    bind mwheelup +jump
  • Mouse Wheel Down Only

    CS2 & CS:GO Compatible

    This command will bind jump to only the mouse wheel scroll down key (mwheeldown).

    bind mwheeldown +jump
  • Default (Space Bar Jump & Weapon Scrolling)

    CS2 & CS:GO Compatible

    If you want to use space bar to jump again (and also revert to scroll weapon switching), this bind will revert your scroll and spacebar bind settings to default.

    bind mwheelup invprev; bind mwheeldown invnext; bind space +jump
  • Scroll Jump With No Space

    CS2 & CS:GO Compatible

    This will bind the scroll wheel to jump, but not the space key.

    bind mwheelup +jump; bind mwheeldown +jump