Increase Volume When Walking Bind

Usually, when you're walking (holding the SHIFT key) in CS, you're trying to be quiet, but you're also probably trying to listen for enemies unaware of your position making footsteps or other noises. That's where this bind comes in handy. This bind will raise your game volume when you are holding the SHIFT key, which will make it much easier to hear noises that usually go amiss from your ears because they're too quiet. As soon as you stop walking (holding the SHIFT key), your volume will return to normal.

Bind Commands

The below bind should be pasted into your autoexec, as otherwise it will not work when you restart CS:GO or CS2. This bind is bound to your SHIFT key as this is the usual key for walking. You can change this by pressing the "Change Key" button below.

Click the copy button to copy the bind to your clipboard. You can also optionally press the download button to download a config file for this bind.


alias +incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+speed";alias -incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-speed";bind SHIFT +incvol
Currently Bound To:


alias +incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+sprint";alias -incvol "incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-sprint";bind SHIFT +incvol
Currently Bound To:

How it Works

This bind is made up of three different commands. The first two commands are alias commands, which are necessary to make a bind that works when you hold down a key (as opposed to just pressing a key).

The first alias command makes the "+incvol" alias (which runs once as soon as you start to hold down a key). The +incvol alias increments your game's volume by 0.5 (making it louder) with the "incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5" command, and also makes you walk with the "+speed" command (ironic name for a command that makes you walk, we know).

The second alias command makes the "-incvol" alias (which runs once when you left go of a key). The -incvol alias decrements your game's volume by 0.5 (making it quiter by the same amount we made it louder, returning it to normal). It also makes you move at full speed again with the "-speed" command.

The final command binds the incvol aliases we made to the SHIFT key, making this bind complete!


Other Bind Variations

Find different variations of this bind below.

  • Increment Volume Bind

    CS2 & CS:GO Compatible

    If you'd prefer to be in control of your game's volume, and not have it change when shifting (or both!), then the below bind will make the "[" key decrease your game's volume, and make the "]" key increase your game's volume. Change the "0.1" and the "-0.1" to a larger or smaller number to change the amount this bind changes your volume by. Copy and paste this command into your console to apply (it doesn't need to go into your autoexec).

    bind [ "incrementvar volume 0 10 -0.1";bind ] "incrementvar volume 0 10 0.1"