Anubis Callouts

Anubis is a map named after the ancient Egyptian god Anubis and is assumed to be set in Egypt. Its distinctive features include a sandy-stone landscape, ancient markings on walls and sunny skies. It is currently the only community-made map in the CS2 Active Duty map pool.

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Anubis Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description
T Spawn

T Spawn is the initial spawn point for the Terrorist side at the beginning of each round.


Alley is the area close to T spawn that provides openings to middle and the B side of the map.


Ruins is the area between B Long and T Spawn. It allows for easy access to both top mid and the B bombsite.

Top Mid

Top Mid is the T side of Middle, reached as the player is heading towards Bridge.

B Long

B Long encompasses the entire space of ground between the B Bombsite and Ruins. This is the main entrance to the bombsite.


Gate is the large archway that enables entry to the B Bombsite from B Long.


Ivy is the small area outside Gate on the opposite side of the archway to Ruins. The name comes from the vegetation hanging from the wall above.


Heaven is the elevated area within Ruins, used as a vangage point to keep an eye on CTs looking to aggressively push B long.


Pillar refers to one of the two pillars in the B Bombsite. The 'pillar' callout is usually reserved for the close right pillar as you enter the B Bombsite from the B Long. The other pillar is usually referred to as the Back Site area.


Default is the most common bomb planting spot on the B Bombsite. T players will usually plant on the side facing Gate, hidden from CTs watching from Street.


B Connector is the indoor section near Pillar that connects Middle to the B Bombsite.


The Water callout refers to the lower central region of the map characterized by a significant body of water, from which it derives its name.


Arches is the section within the canal/water region that has 2 rounded archways leading towards the A side of the map.


The Wood callout describes the small corner near the Boat, distinguishable by its wooden-panelled flooring, adjacent to a closed door.

B Site

B Site is the entire central region of the B Bombsite, surrounded by B Pillar, Gate, Ninja and Back Site.

Back Site

Back Site is the region of the B Bombsite that is not visible to Gate, accompanied by two large pillars.


Ninja is the small hidden corner next to Back Site. Always check Ninja before you plant at B, sneaky CTs love to hide here!


Bridge is the long pathway in the middle of the map leading to Double Doors. This section is elevated above Water/Canal.

Double Doors

Double Doors consists of the two doors in the middle of the map, as well as the small area leading up the short stairs to Bridge.


Palace is the large indoor area containing an Egyptian statue that connects B Site to Middle and T Spawn. Commonly used by CTs as a safe rotation route.


Street is the long pathway below Sniper leading to B Site from CT Spawn, providing an entrance into Cave.


Sniper is the elevated standing area that provides a clear view of T players crossing to B Site from Gate.


The Stairs callout refers to the descending stairs leading to the Water/Canal area from Alley. This is the quickest route to Canal from T spawn.


Middle is the large central region on the CT side of Double Doors, a vital part of the map for CTs to control.


The Cave callout describes the cavernous walkway leading towards the B side of the map from CT Spawn.

A Connector

A Connector is the narrow walkway from Middle to A Site, usually utilized by CTs.


Plateau is the spacious area reached after walking through A Connector to A Site, providing an entrance to A Heaven.


Drop is the area in Boat that Ts can use to drop from T Side Upper to Canal.

CT Spawn

CT Spawn is the initial spawn point for the Counter-Terrorist side at the beginning of each round.


Heaven is the elevated platform in A Site, providing a vantage point for CTs to watch Terrorists entering into A Site from Main.


Main is the area inbetween the A Bombsite and Water. Main is utilized as the most common entrance to A Site for the Ts.


Headshot is the angle behind a couple of boxes used to hold CTs pushing from A Bombsite to the Water area through Main.


"Boat" refers to the expansive water-filled area adjacent to the Canal, offering entry points to A through Main, Water, and T Upper.


Tunnel is the narrow indoor region leading to A Heaven from CT Spawn.


"Fountain" refers to the raised area distinguished by a fountain situated beside a pillar, directly in front of A Main.


Upper is the area above Drop, used by the Ts as a safe way to gain control of Water.

A Site

A Site is the region surrounding a pillar that resembles a truncated tree trunk, in the center of the A Bombsite.


"Beach" refers to the isolated zone situated behind CT spawn, marked by a sandy beach with a boat resting upon it.


Corner is the close left triangular area as you're entering the B Bombsite from the Long / Gate area.

Back Site (A)

Back Site refers to the area towards the CT side of the A Bombsite, next to a gated door.