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Cache is a bomb defusal (demolition) map that was introduced to Counter-Strike: Source 8 years ago, after having been designed and developed by Sal "Volcano" Garozzo. It's set in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Whilst the weather is sunny, the map has a very dull feel to it, probably created in large by the assortment of gray buildings and bunkers that make up its surroundings. Cache is relatively balanced for both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, leaning slightly in the favor of the CTs in high-level games.

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This map is only available on CS:GO.

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Cache Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description

Mid refers to the "middle" section of the map and covers the land that joins Garage, Connector, and Highway.

A Site

A Site is the entire region between quad down to Catwalk, A Main and Forklift.

T Spawn

This is the area that the players on the terrorist team spawn in.

A Long

A Long spans from the A side of Garage and T Spawn, all the way up to Squeaky Room.


Squeaky is the room with the blue squeaky door that leads on to A Site. It is also the name of the door itself. If someone is on A Site pressed up against the door (not in squeaky room, the other side), some players will call Squeaky, rather than A Site, as it is more precise.


Shroud, also known as Boost Boxes, are the boxes in the corner of A Site, located between Squeaky and A Main. They are known as Boost Boxes as they can only be accessed by getting a boost from a teammate (or jumping from the top of squeaky door).


NBK is the corner of A Site between squeaky door and quad. It is named NBK because the pro player named NBK made an impressive play from this location.


Quad is the name given to the location that surrounds the big stack of four boxes at the back of A Site. Quad refers mainly to the location behind these boxes (most of which isn't visible from A Main and Catwalk), but can also refer to the area in front of the boxes.

A Default

Default is the "default" plant spot, which is considered the safest place to plant as it is hardest to reach from most angles.


Forklift is the location around and behind (under balcony) the forklift vehicle located on A Site.


Balcony is the raised metal balcony on A site, located above Forklift, and stretching round to catwalk.


Highway is the name given to the fairly narrow stretch of hill that connects Mid to A Site.

Default Box

Default Box refers to the boxes located on A Site, next to the red shipping container.


Truck refers to the area on and surrounding the truck located between Elektro and CT Hall.

CT Halls

The CT Halls callout spans a large area compared to other callouts for this map - it refers to the area between Truck and Hell.

CT Connector

CT Connector refers to the room that connects Mid to CT Hall/CT Spawn. A common spot for AWPers on CT at the start of the round.

White Box

White Box refers to the area around and on the white box at the end (mid-side) of Highway.

Sand Bags

Sand bags refers to the area around and on top of the sand bags between Connector and Mid Roof.

Mid Roof

Mid Roof refers to anywhere on top of (on the roof of) the building between Vents and Sand Bags.


Vents refers to the location around and inside the vents that connect Mid to B Checkers.


Cubby refers to the corner directly below boost that presses up against A Main.


Boost is the roof on the T-Side of mid (opposite Vents) that can only be accessed by jumping on a teammate's head ("boosting"), or by successfully making a tricky jump/strafe from mid.


Checkers refers to the room with the checkered floor that Vents leads into, and is also connected to B Main, and the B Site area.

Back Checkers

Back Checkers refers to the area behind the boxes at the back of Checkers.


Garage refers to the large Garage building that sits between T Spawn and Mid. It also connects to Dumpster.

T Red

Red refers to the area on top of the red shipping container inside Garage.


Dumpster refers to the room that connects Garage to B Halls.

B Halls

B Halls refers to the area (inside the building) between B Main, Sun Room, Dumpster, and the exit to T Spawn.

B Main

B Main refers to the area between B Site, Checkers and B Halls, but some players also refer to B Hall as B Main.

B Main Boxes

B Main Boxes refers to the boxes close to where B Main leads on to Checkers, that CTs will often hide behind.

Sun Room

Sun Room refers to the room containing a painting of a sun, that you access from B Halls.


Toxic refers to the yellow barrel close to the back of Sun Room.

B Offen

B Offen is a less-commonly used call, but refers to the area between B Site and Hell, Checkers, and B Halls.


Pit refers to the dip next to the ramp on B Site.

B Ramp

B Ramp refers to the ramp leading onto B Site.


Headshot is the lower area on the Hell/Heaven side of B Site. It has this name because when a player is crouched there, you can only see their head.

B Site

B Site is the area that the bomb can be planted within on the B bombsite (i.e. the entire raised area). Some players will refer to B Offen as B Site as well.

B Default

B Default is the safest/most common plant spot, just behind the boxes to the front of the bombsite (Hell/Heaven side).

New Boxes

This callout is for the area behind the tall gray boxes on the B Hall side of B Site.


This refers to the area behind the boxes at the back of B Site. Also known as Back Site, and Back Boxes.

Close Left

Close Left is the close left corner of B Site if you were entering from Hell (CT side). Terrorists will commonly hide here after a bomb plant to surprise CTs when they are retaking the site.


Heaven is the wooden ramp and platform that lead on from CT Hall to B Site/B Offen.


Blue is the area (next to the blue wall) under Rafters/Heaven.


Rafters is the raised metal platform that Heaven leads on to. Some players will call this Heaven.


Tree refers to the large tree located at the back of Hell. It is possible to get up onto the raised platform that the tree grows out of.

CT Spawn

CT Spawn refers to the area that the counter-terrorist team spawn in.

T Truck

Truck is the area around (usually behind) the truck located between T Spawn and T/A Long.

T Boxes

T Boxes is the area between B Halls and T Spawn.

Flash Window

Flash Window is the window that grenades can be thrown from Sun Room to B Site from.

A Main

A Main is the building that connects A Long/T Spawn to B Site.


Lockers refers to the section of A Main (that can be seen from A Site) with lockers inside.


Elektro is the area between Truck, A Site, and Highway.