Cobblestone Callouts

Cobblestone is a bomb defusal map set in France that been existent in many iterations of Counter-Strike. Through its lifecycle, in CS:GO in particular, Cobble has gone through many changes to its layout. Cobble is one of the rare maps in CS:GO where the Terrorist side is generally considered to be easier to play than the Counter Terrorist side.

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This map is only available on CS:GO.

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Cobblestone Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description
T Spawn

The area of the map where the Terrroists spawn.

A Site

The region on the A bombsite that the bomb can be planted within.

B Site

The region on the B bombsite that the bomb can be planted within.


The middle ground between the A and B Bombsites, that houses Window / Flowers and leads through to Vent Room and the A Doors.

Upper Halls

The Upper side of B Halls, nearest to T Spawn and Toilets.

Lower Halls

The Lower side of B Halls, nearest to B Long and Drop room.


Though this technically refers to the room that you drop into from B Halls, generally the Drop Room / Drop callout will be used to describe the area before Drop Room too, including the stairs up to it and the small platform that looks over into Drop.


The small window that looks into Drop from Connector, that is right on top of a flower bed.


The room outside of Drop that leads onto the B Site. Named after the electric box on one of the walls.

B Short

The small walkway between Boost and the wall of B Long on the B Site. This is directly accessible when coming out of Electric and leads to Broken Wall at the edge of B Long.


The elevated flowerbed on the B Site that overlooks both Electric, B Long and B Doors. Players must be boosted onto this, which is where the name comes from.

B Long

The primary entrance to the B Site for the Ts, that passes through a roofed tunnel and comes out onto B Platform.

B Platform

The circular-shaped platform at the end of B Long that provides vision onto the majority of the site, and stands opposite to Chicken Coop.

Broken Wall

The broken wall that is on B Long / B Platform just after roofed tunnel on Long finishes.

Ninja (B)

A small corner on the far right side of the B Site where players can hide in the attempts to Ninja.


The small Chicken Hut at the back of the B Bombsite. This can be wallbanged, but is still a very common position for people to hold the Site from.


The fountain on the center of B Site, which is where the bomb can be planted on and around.


A small rock that is to the immediate right when exiting Electric that is a common place to hold.

B Doors

The doors that connect the B Bombsite with Connector.

Vent Room

The small room beside the A Site and Truck that has a vent that can be broken to allow access to Connector and Balcony.


The balcony that overlooks the A Bombsite and Stables. A very common place for rotating CTs from B to try and fight from.

CT Spawn

The area of the map where the CTs spawn, which is located right next to the A Bombsite.


The small wooden wall that runs from the exit of A Long up to the A Bombsite, and is directly opposite A Doors.

CT Ramp

The grassy ramp that connects Mid to the A Bombsite.


The large room that connects CT Ramp, Danger and T Ramp / T Mid.

A Long

This broad call refers to the area from Catwalk / Outside Long all the way up until Stables.


The catwalk that leads from T Ramp / T Mid towards A Long and its entrance arch.

T Ramp

The grassy area outside of Mid that is closest to the T Spawn.


The halls that lead from T Ramp / T Mid up towards D Lore Art. Named after its snake-like shape. Also recognisable for the barred window that looks over this stairwell.


The patio area between T Ramp and D Lore.

Mid Platform

The platform that overlooks T Mid, and is connected to the Dragon Lore Art room.


The stone statue between T Spawn and T Mid.


The area between drop and the stairs that lead up to it (i.e. the raised platform that you drop from).


The dip in the wall at the end of A Long (closest to A Site) that players are hard to spot when within.