Dust 2 Callouts

Dust II is the most iconic bomb defusal map in Counter-Strike, and a favorite of many CS:GO players. It was first brought into the series through the original Counter-Strike game, where it was added in 2001. Due to its massive popularity, Dust II is the map that many new players will learn callouts on first, most of which are quite simple and easy to learn. The map is considered to be very evenly balanced between the Terrorist and Counter Terrorist teams.

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Dust 2 Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description
A Short

The walkway that connects mid to the A bombsite. It's typically used by Ts to rush on eco/pistol rounds, or to split A with another group of Ts pincering the site from A Long.

T Spawn

The side of the map where the Terrorist side spawns. A small section of T spawn offers a view down mid to mid doors, giving Ts the chance to see which CTs cross over to B.

T Ramp

This is the ramp that leads down from T Spawn to outside B Tunnels. The term genuinly refers to the ramp section only, rather than the raised platform, which is called T Platform.

T Plat

This is the raised platform that leads from T Spawn to outside B Tunnels. It features several stacks of bricks that can be used to watch B Tunnels from a strong position. T Plat borders T Ramp.

Outside Tunnels

The area just outside of B Tunnels when approaching them from T Spawn. This is quite a broad, open area, so this callout covers quite a bit of space.

Upper B Tunnels

This is one of two sections of B Tunnels. It begins at the entrance to B Tunnels from T Spawn, and extends to the chokepoint that leads to the B bombsite.

Lower B Tunnels

This is one of two sections of B Tunnels. It begins at the stairs leading down from Upper Tunnels into the corridor that connects the Tunnels to mid, and ends at the archway into mid.


A loose callout, but this is generally what the left corner as you exit B Tunnels onto the B site as a Terrorist is referred to. It's a very close angle that, if left unchecked by the Terrorists, can be very deadly.

B Closet

This is the corner of B Site where the car is located, to the right of Tunnels as you exit them or to the left of B doors.

B Car

This is the car on B site to the right of Tunnels Exit and to the left of B doors if you enter from mid. This callout is only used if there's a player directly behind the car - if they're in the corner next to car then that is typically called Closet instead.


This is the fenced off wall on B Site that can provide a hiding spot invisible to the Ts until they have moved from Tunnels onto B site.

B Plat

This is the elevated area of the B bombsite next to where the bomb can be planted, and is directly opposite the exit of B Tunnels.

Back Plat

This is the backend of B Plat. It has a seperate callout name as when you're on the bombsite you won't be able to see the back of B Plat, so this is used when a player is tucked right into the edge of the area.

Big Box

This is the big box that resembles the Xbox in mid, that sits on B site. It is between B Plat and the bombsite.

Double Stack

This callout refers to the two boxes that are stacked on top of each other in the middle of the B bombsite. These are not to be confused with the boxes that lead to B Window.

B Default Plant

Where the bomb is most commonly planted on the B Site. It hugs the brick wall, is just below B Window, and on the side of B Doors.

B Window

This is the hole in the brick wall on the B site, that has several boxes serving as a platform to reach it as its raised off the ground. It's a common position to use when defending the B bombiste and retaking it.

B Back Site

This is the back of the B bombsite, as if you were looking at it from the Tunnels Exit. It typically refers to the area behind all of the boxes on B, and borders with B Plat.

B Doors

The double doors that lead into B from CT Mid.

B Boxes

This callout refers to the boxes between CT Mid and B Doors. They are often used as a vantage point to watch players attempting to come from mid to B.


This is the scaffolding (building materials) just outside B, on the side of B Window. They can be walked on to give a favorable angle to watch mid to B pushes from.

CT Mid

This area refers to the space between B Site, Mid and CT Spawn. This area is behind mid doors, and sits next to CT Spawn.

Mid Doors

The double doors in Mid.

Close Mid Doors

The corner to the right of Mid Doors if you were going through them from Mid to CT Spawn. It is commonly called Hiko after the North American pro player pulled off an insane shot from the position.


The box in Mid, by the doors, that can be used to gain access onto Catwalk and A Short. It is opposite the exit from Lower B Tunnels.


The middle area of the map, that extends from Mid Doors to the top of Mid. Generally the area of Mid that slopes is what will be called as "Mid".


The now-telephone mast that sits near the top of mid next to Catwalk, where there was once a Palm Tree.

Right Side Mid

The indented area of Mid that is on the right if you're looking from Mid Doors up towards T spawn. It has this callout as typically only CTs will be calling it, so therefore it is correct for their viewpoint.

Top Mid

The top of Mid if you're looking from Mid Doors up towards T Spawn. This connects Suicide with Mid.


The pit that is used to jump down from T Spawn and run straight to Top Mid. It is directly opposite Mid Doors, and earned its name from being perilous at times to jump into due to potential AWPers.

Outside Long

This is the open space outside of Long Doors on the T Spawn side of the map. It connects T Spawn to Long Doors and A Long.

Long Doors

This area defines the two sets of Double Doors that lead from Outside Long to A Long.


This is the large, blue shipping crate that stands opposite A Long Doors.

Side Pit

This is the area of ground that is between Pit and A Long Doors. The differentiation between this area and Pit is when the ground starts to slope downwards, and the small brick wall before the Pit area.


The sloped-down area that is outside of Long Doors and at the end of A Long. It faces opposite to the A Site but is a decline, so players can be in Pit but hidden from A Site.

Pit Plat

The platform to the right of Pit if you're looking at it from the bottom of pit. It allows for some good sniping angles onto the A site.

A Long

This is the space of ground that connects Long Doors and Pit to the A Bombsite. It is a long narrow stretch of ground.

Long Corner

The corner of the closest building to Long Doors. It is a very common place for CTs to hold against pushes at A Long.

A Car

The car that is tucked away to the right side of A Long if you're approaching from Pit. It can be used to watch A Short or A Long, and this call covers the general area around the car.

A Cross

This is the open area that seperates A Long from A Site. It is wildly exposed to every angle - Site, CT Spawn, Short - which is why it's called "Cross."

A Ramp

The ramp that leads upwards from A Cross to the A Bombsite.

A Default Plant

The default plant spot on A. It is on the edge of the raised platform, as close to A Long as possible to provide the best visibiltiy from every angle to attack any CTs defusing.


The set of barrels that sit behind A Site, near the mesh fencing.


The enclosed section behind A Site and Barrels that has the image of a goose spraypainted onto it.


One of the corners of the A Site Platform, closest to the side of CT Spawn. It earned its callout as it's a common position for CTs to boost teammates up onto the bombsite when retaking.

Short Boost

The set of dumpsters right outside of CT Spawn on the A side. These can be used to boost CTs onto A Short faster than running there gets them.

A Platform

The platform that the A bombsite is placed on. This is quick a broad callout, but generally refers to the area between the A Bombsite itself and A Short.

A Ninja

A hidey-hole behind a stack of boxes on the A Short side of A that can be used to Ninja defuse by the CTs if the Ts all come from A Long and don't clear the position.


The set of stairs that connect Catwalk with A Short.


The walkway on the side of Mid that leads onto A Short and the A Bombsite. Generally this callout is defined by the start of the Catwalk at the top of Mid up until Short Stairs, where it transitions into A Short.

CT Spawn

This is the location (technically under short) that the Counter-Terrorist team spawn within.