Inferno Callouts

Inferno is a bomb defusal map located in Italy that has been a classic to play on since its addition in the very earliest days of Counter-Strike. It is one of the maps in CS:GO to have gone through a rehaul to its look and textures since the game's release. Seen unanimously as a CT-sided map, Inferno has the most callouts we've detailed across all CS:GO maps, so it's one to get learning if you aren't already familiar with it!

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Inferno Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description

The narrow pathway leading from T Ramp and Bottom Mid up towards the B Site.

B Site

B Site is where the bomb can be planted on the B side of the map.

T Spawn

T Spawn is where the Terrorists spawn each round.


The open, Middle area of the map, that provides access to the A side of the map from T Spawn.

Second Mid

Second Mid is the smaller Mid on Inferno, and runs between T Apartments and directly opposite to Window and CT Apartments.

T Ramp

T Ramp is the ramp that leads up from T Spawn towards Mid, and has vision towards Top Mid which is where CTs will commonly hold. This is a common spot for AWP duels with CT AWPers in Mid.


The small, elevated spot just behind T Ramp, that can provide a different angle to view Top Mid from.

Living Room

The upstairs area in some of the apartments near T Spawn and T Apps.


The Balcony that extends from Living Room and T Apps to give a good view of Second Mid / Apartments from.


This is the Bridge that connects Living Room to the rest of T Apartments, and faces the Window area in CT Apartments.

A Short

A Short is the pathway towards A that passes by CT Apartments and Truck.

A Long

A Long is the pathway towards A that passes by Arch and Library. Gaining control of this area can be used to split B from CT Spawn.

T Apartments

T Apartments is the structure of apartments that runs at the bottom side of Second Mid.

Second Mid Door

The door that leads out of T Apps and into Second Mid / Alt Mid.

Back Alley

The final stretch of T Apartments that connects it to just outside of the Stairs section of CT Apartments.


Underpass is the small, underground area that connects Mid with Second Mid, and requires players to crouch at times as they pass through.


The Bench to the side of mid, that is located directly opposite the crossover from Second Mid to Mid.

Second Mid Stairs

These are the stairs located just underneath Window in CT Apartments, and are located right at the top of Second Mid.

CT Apartments

The main set of Apartments on Inferno, and the ones people will generally be referring to when they say "Apps" or "Apartments."

Top Mid

The side of Mid that the CTs hold by default. This can refer to players pushing up the chokepoint of Mid just before it seperates into Short side and Arch side, as well in the space between both sides of Mid where CTs will commonly hold.


The lowered-down area on the A Bombsite that sits below the Balcony and CT Apps. It is a very common area to defend the A Site from for the CTs.


The doorway from CT Apartments from Top Mid. It is located slightly towards A Short.


The large, exposed Window at the front of CT Apartment that overlooks Second Mid. It provides good vision to Second Mid, but is very open.


The stairway in CT Apartments that connects Second Mid to CT Apps. This is close range combat at its finest, so bring your Mag-7!

Close Apartments

The hallway along CT Apartments that opens up onto the Balcony above Pit, and is what the Ts will commonly pass through if they're attacking A from Apps.


The Balcony that sits above Pit on the A Bombsite right next to the exit of CT Apps.


The very bottom right hand corner of Pit. Named after the grenade that the pro player Dosia threw to weaken two of the opposite team to ensure the bomb would kill them when it exploded.


The stone wall at the back of Pit that faces directly from Balcony when exiting CT Apps.


Graveyard is the graveyard towards the back of the A Site, where players can hide with the right positioning to maek themselves very difficult to spot behind the walls at the graveyard's entrance.


The Truck next to A Short on the A Site, that is used to jump on to gain access to Balcony and CT Apps.


The small, porched-off section of A Short that looks directly onto Top Mid, and will be a common place for CTs to setup a crossfire in Mid.

Long Corner

The corner that is tucked away in A Long to the far side opposite Library, and usually requires a molotov to clear out.


The Library that sits just outside of the A Site and is directly accessable from CT Spawn.


The Kitchen that is next to Library, closer to CT Spawn than it is A.

A Site

A Site is where the bomb can be planted on A.

Close Left

The box to the immediate close-left of A when approaching from Short / Truck Side.

Back Site (A)

The far-side of the A Bombsite when approaching from Short / Truck Side.


The Archway that leads from A Long towards Speedway, CT Spawn and ultimately the B Site.

CT Spawn

The location that the CTs spawn every round.


The walkway that runs from Arch all the way to outside B and next to Construction.


The flowery Terrace next to CT Spawn, that overlooks Well and Speedway.


The Well located near CT Spawn as you move from it to the B Site.


The Truck that stands just outside of Construction, near the B Site.


This callout doesn't refer to CT Spawn, rather the exposed area the Ts will need to smoke off when attacking the B Site, otherwise they risk getting shot at from near CT Spawn.


The dark corner that is located directly opposite the exit to Construction, nearest CT Spawn.

CT Boost

This is the very powerful boost position near CT on B Site that can give players a view of the Site even when CT has been smoked off.


Construction is a large, ruinous area of the map just outside of B.

Sand Bags (Construction)

The set of Sand Bags located at the back of Construction that can be hidden behind by players.


The green, flowery area that is immediately outside of Construction when exiting towards the B Site.


The set of Coffins at the back of the B Site that can provide a good headshot positon to defend from.


The grill that is placed just outside of the B Bombsite, and can be planted near.


This is the shadowy corner located right at the back of the B Site that can be hidden in by defending players.


The water Fountain located right in the middle of the B Site.


The stack of boxes at the back of B Site that can be a strong position to hold and duke players around.


The little cubby that players can hide in next to a set of boxes on the B Site. This is closest to Quad, and faces Fountain.


The little cubby between two sets of boxes, immediately to the left of the B Site when attacking from Banana.


The boosted spot that is right next to 1st on the B Site, and can give good vision towards players pushing from Banana.

Sand Bags (B)

These are the Sand Bags on Banana, that can be very treacherous at hiding players and will usually be molotov'd out.


The Car that is located at the very top of Banana.


The small cubby at the bottom of Banana with sets of logs located in the space.

Bottom Mid

The side of Mid closest to T Spawn, right around where Underpass comes out onto.