Mirage Callouts

Mirage comes in after Dust II as perhaps the most iconic bomb defusal map in CS:GO. It is set in a middle-eastern town, which is thought to be Morroco, and is one of the most commonly played maps by CS:GO players. It is generally agreed by the community that Mirage lends its favor as being a CT-sided map, and is a map that has been present for a long time in the Counter-Strike series, despite being added to CS:GO shortly after the game's release.

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Mirage Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description

The open, expansive Middle section of the map. Sniper's Nest has a complete view of Mid, as does Top Mid where the Terrorists enter the area from.

B Site

B Site refers to the location on B at which you can plant the bomb.

A Site

The A Bombsite. Typically this callout just refers to the sector of the Site where the bomb can actually be planted, as the other areas all have their own callouts.

T Spawn

The area of the map where the Terrorists spawn.

T Roof

The raised ledge outside of A Ramp, closest to T Spawn, that is often used by the Ts to wait for pushes through A Ramp or to line up smoke grenades for the A Bombsite.

A Ramp

The primary entrance onto the A Site from T Spawn. Recognizable from it's arched entrance/exit.


The building that can be used to enter A from T Spawn. It's typically used to pincer the A Site in conjuction with A Ramp.


These are the Pillars inside of Palace that can be used to duck and hide behind.


The wooden balcony that extends from Palace to give a wide view of the A Site. The callout for anyone underneath this balcony is "Shadows".


The small area underneath the Balcony by Palace. It is pitched in darkness, which is why it's called Shadows. Use this callout to refer to someone underneath the balcony, and "Balcony" to refer to someone on top of it.


The stack of boxes and square stone clusters just in front of A Ramp. This callout refers to anyone on these boxes - whether they're tucked behind the wall and not visible from A Site or if they're fully exposed.


The small alcove between Stairs and Tetris next to the A Bombsite.


The set of stairs on the A Bombsite next to Connector and Jungle. This can be used to give a good vantage point for the CTs to defend the A Site from.


The small cubby on A Site that players can hide behind in the hopes they aren't checked by the opposing team. Named due to the fact that it is most commonly cleared by an easy-to-throw molotov or incendiary.


A small alcove between two stacks of boxes on the A Bombsite that is often left unchecked if the Terrorists don't attack the Site from Mid.


This callout is similar to CT Spawn, but most generally covers the entrance to the A Bombsite from CT Spawn, next to Ticket Booth and Trash. As this is frequently used as a position to defend the A Site from, it needs its own callout from CT Spawn. So when referring to the position you can watch the A Site from, use the callout "CT". Sometimes you'll hear CT Spawn and CT be interchanged to refer to either where the CTs actually spawn, and the defensive position on A by Ticket Booth.

Ticket Booth

The tall, grey column by CT Spawn that faces the A Bombsite. This can be jumped onto to see over smoke grenades, and is a favorite spot for a lot of AWPers.


The trash can on the other side of CT Spawn, facing the A Bombsite, to Ticket Booth. This can be jumped on top of, which will hide the player's body from anyone on A unless they purposefully check it.

CT Spawn

The area where the CTs spawn each round. Sometimes you'll hear CT Spawn and CT be interchanged to refer to either where the CTs actually spawn, and the defensive position on A by Ticket Booth.


The spot of ground away from Sniper's Nest and Connector that gives a player vision onto A.


The short tunnel that connects Mid to the A Site. It's entrance on the A side leads straight to Stairs on the left, the A Bombsite straight ahead and Jungle on the right.


The small hole connecting CT Spawn with Mid Window. At the start of each round it will have metal strips covering the hole that you'll need to shoot or stab to clear your entryway.

Sniper's Nest

The large, rectangular window that has a complete view of Mid, and is directly opposite Mid Boxes on the far end. Named after being a great place to snipe from as a CT.

Ladder Room

The small room that connects B Short with Sniper's Nest and Jungle via a short vent. It has a ladder in it that can be used to climb up to infiltrate Sniper's Nest.


The underground passage that leads from B Apartments to the bottom of Mid, right underneath Sniper's Nest.


A set of ledges right in the corner of mid, right underneath Sniper's Nest and opposite Underpass, that can be used by players in Mid to boost each other into Sniper's Nest.


The small chair tucked into one of the corners in Mid.

Top Mid

A vague call, but this refers to the area of Mid furthest away from Sniper's Nest. It covers the entrance to Mid from T Spawn, Mid Boxes and the area around this.

Mid Boxes

The set of boxes and a cart at the top of Mid. Generally the area the Ts will hide behind as they attempt to take Mid.


The set of boxes around the default plant area on the A Bombsite. These have a large piece of wood on them with the letter "A" painted on.

Triple Box

The triple set of boxes at the back of the A Bombsite, nearer to CT Spawn than the default plant boxes.


The catwalk in Mid that leads up to B Short. This can be switched out with the "B Short" callout, but typically refers to the section of the Catwalk visible to Mid.

B Short

The entrance onto the B Site from Mid, leading on from Catwalk.

Short Corner

The corner to the right of B Short if you're coming to the B Site from Mid. This is next to the wallbang-able spot of B Apartments.


The small shop that is next to the B Site, connecting T Spawn to the bombsite.


The singular window in Market that overlooks the B Site. This has a wooden panel blocking half the view at the start of each round that must be shot or stabbed to be removed.


The doorway into Market on the side closet to the B Site.


The bench at the back of the B Bombsite attached to a small brick wall.


The white truck that stands opposite B Apartments, and be jumped onto for access to B Apps / to gain vision into them. Also known as Van, and sometimes Car.

B Apartments

The long, narrow corridor on the way to the B Bombsite from T Spawn. This is the chokepoint that the Ts will most frequently attack the B Site from.


The kitchen area just outside B Apartments. This area can be wallbanged through a small wooden window that makes up part of the wall.

B Plat

The platform that leads out onto B Site.

Side Alley

The area between Mid and T Spawn.


The TV in House/B Apartments.


The boxes that can be jumped on to access the Apartments/House ramp. These were previously a cart, hence the name.

Apps Ramp

The ramp that leads up to B Apartments from T Spawn.


The arches between B Short and B Site.


Sneaky is the position on top of the fridge up against the wall in Market.


Empty is the pillar closest to the Market Door.

E Box

E Box is in the corner of B Site closest to Market Window.

Boost Boxes

Boost boxes are the boxes next to default on B that players can be boosted on top of.


House is the building that connects Back Alley/T Apartments to T Spawn/Side Alley.

Back Alley

Back Alley refers to the area of the map between Apartments and House/TV.